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Dinesh Engineers Limited IPO (Dinesh Engineers IPO) Detail

Sep 28, 2018 - Oct 3, 2018

Incorporated in 2006, Mumbai based Dinesh Engineers Limited is a company engaged in the business of providing passive communication infrastructure services mainly to the Telecom operators and internet service providers ("ISPs").

The company has been licensed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) with the Infrastructure Provider (IP)-I License, which allows the company to establish and maintain wired networks, Duct space to grant on lease or sale on IRU basis to the licensees of Telecom operators, ISPs etc.

The company has created its own optic fiber network of around 7500 km across the state of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The wired network infrastructure solutions of the company are used by many Telecom Companies such as Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Tata Communication etc.

Some of the prominent clients of the Company includes Bharti Airtel Ltd, Vodafone, Tata Communications Ltd., Idea Cellular, Atria, Hathway, Sify, Intech, D-vois SSV etc. It also has Mahanagar Gas Limited as its customer for gas pipeline work.

The total revenue of the company for the fiscal years 2018, 2017 and 2016 are Rs 3027.78 million, ₹ 1699.11
million and ₹ 1225.02 million respectively.

The profit after tax for the fiscal years 2018 2017 and 2016 is ₹ 618.01 million, ₹ 219.82 million and ₹ 128.98
million respectively.

Competitive Strengths-

1. Established fiber network of around 7500 km
2. Strong client list with repeat business

Company Promoters:

The Promoters of the Company are Mr. Dinesh Kollaiah Kargal and Mrs. Shashikala Dinesh Kargal. They hold, in aggregate 29,496,640 Equity Shares, representing 99.989 % of the subscribed and paid-up Equity Share Capital of the Company.

Company Financials:

Summary of financial Information (Restated Consolidated)
Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. Millions)
31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17 31-Mar-16 (Proforma) 31-Mar-15
Total Assets 4,179.36 1,980.42 1,397.20 808.94
Total Revenue 3027.78 1,699.11 1,225.02 511.55
Profit After Tax 616.99 220.04 128.89 68.99
Summary of financial Information (Restated Standalone)
Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. Millions)
31-Mar-18 31-Mar-17 31-Mar-16 (Proforma) 31-Mar-15 31-Mar-14
Total Assets 4,178.08 1,980.92 1,397.70 809.44 452.35
Total Revenue 3,027.78 1,699.11 1,225.02 511.55 239.50
Profit After Tax 619.32 219.82 128.98 69.49 30.47

Objects of the Issue:

The objects of the Issue are-

1. Setting up of further OFC Network under IP-1 License;
2. Funds for General corporate purposes;
3. Meet public issue expenses.

Dinesh Engineers IPO Details

Issue OpenSep 28, 2018 - Oct 3, 2018
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
Issue Size10,000,000 Eq Shares of Rs 10
(aggregating up to Rs 185.00 Cr)
Face ValueRs 10 Per Equity Share
Issue PriceRs 183 - Rs 185 Per Equity Share
Market Lot80 Shares
Min Order Quantity80 Shares
Listing AtBSE, NSE

Dinesh Engineers IPO Tentative Date / Timetable

Bid/Offer Opens OnSep 28, 2018
Bid/Offer Closes OnOct 3, 2018
Finalisation of Basis of AllotmentOct 9, 2018
Initiation of RefundsOct 10, 2018
Credit of Shares to Demat Acct:Oct 10, 2018
IPO Shares Listing Date:

IPO Notices

External Link

Withdrawal of initial public offer by Dinesh Engineers Limited

Date: 03 Oct 2018

The Company has decided to withdraw the application made for IPO on BSE and NSE Platform due to current volatility in the capital market. The entire application money will be refunded forthwith.

Dinesh Engineers IPO Subscription Status (Bidding Detail)

Dinesh Engineers IPO how much subscribed?

No. of Times Issue Subscribed (BSE + NSE)

As on Date & Time





Shares Offered





Oct 3, 2018 17:00





Dinesh Engineers IPO Prospectus

Dinesh Engineers IPO Rating

Rating:Rated 3.7 stars

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Company Contact Information

Dinesh Engineers Limited
DEPL House
Neighbourhood Shopping Complex Sector-4,
Nerul Navi Mumbai -400706

Phone: + 91-022-27704600/4700

Dinesh Engineers IPO Registrar

Link Intime India Private Ltd
   Link Intime India Private Ltd
   C 101, 247 Park, L.B.S.Marg,
   Vikhroli (West), Mumbai - 400083

Phone: +91-22-4918 6270

Dinesh Engineers IPO Lead Manager(s)

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Dinesh Engineers IPO Review / Comments

94. Eagleye  Dec 3, 2018 16:27 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4800+ Posts, 15500+ Likes)
List of Main board IPOs IN THE PIPELINE
(Status as on 30th November 2018)

A) DRHP Filed - SEBI Approval *Awaited*:

1) Coldex >>> DRHP date 29-Nov-18
2) Neogen Chemicals >>> DRHP date 05-Nov-18
3) Penna Cement Industries >>> DRHP date 05-Nov-18
4) Polycab Wires >>> DRHP date 31-Oct-18
5) Prince Pipes And Fittings >>> DRHP date 15-Oct-18
6) Emami Cement >>> DRHP date 12-Oct-18
7) Heranba Industries >>> DRHP date 29-Sep-18
8) Stove Kraft >>> DRHP date 28-Sep-18
9) Chartered Speed >>> DRHP date 27-Sep-18
10) Narmada Biochem >>> DRHP date 26-Sep-18
11) Anand Rathi Wealth Services >>> DRHP date 24-Sep-1
12) T & T Infra >>> DRHP date 24-Sep-18
13) Shri Bajrang Power and Ispat >>> DRHP date 12-Sep-18
14) Angel Broking >>> DRHP date 05-Sep-18
15) Studds Accessories >>> DRHP date 27-Aug-18
16) Senco Gold >>> DRHP date 21-Aug-18
17) Shyam Metallics and Energy >>> DRHP date 06-Aug-18
18) Vishwaraj Sugar Industries >>> DRHP date 20-Dec-17

B) SEBI Approval *Received* *(within the past 4 months)*:

1) Flair Writing Industries >>> SEBI Approval 30-Nov-18
2) Neccon Power & Infra >>> SEBI Approval 29-Nov-18
3) Metropolis Healthcare >>> SEBI Approval 22-Nov-18
4) Inventia Healthcare >>> SEBI Approval 22-Nov-18
5) Xelpmoc Design and Tech >>> SEBI Approval 20-Nov-18
6) Zircon Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 12-Nov-18
7) Sansera Engineering >>> SEBI Approval 12-Nov-18
8) Mrs.Bectors Food Specialities >>> SEBI Approval 09-Nov-18
9) PNB Metlife India Insurance Co. >>> SEBI Approval 02-Nov-18
10) AGS Transact Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 26-Oct-18
11) Harsha Engineers >>> SEBI Approval 19-Oct-18
12) Affle India >>> SEBI Approval 19-Oct-18
13) Chalet Hotels >>> SEBI Approval 19-Oct-18
14) Dodla Dairy >>> SEBI Approval 17-Oct-18
15) Bharat Hotels >>> SEBI Approval 12-Oct-18
16) Spandana Spoorthy Financial >>> SEBI Approval 12-Oct-18
17) ASK Investment Managers >>> SEBI Approval 05-Oct-18
18) Muthoot Microfin >>> SEBI Approval 05-Oct-18
19) Puranik Builders >>> SEBI Approval 05-Oct-18
20) Nihilent>>> SEBI Approval 01-Oct-18
21) Aakash Educational Services >>> SEBI Approval 28-Sep-18
22) Ami Organics >>> SEBI Approval 28-Sep-18
23) Century Metal Recycling>>> SEBI Approval 27-Sep-18
24) Anmol Industries >>> SEBI Approval 21-Sep-18
25) Indiamart Intermesh >>> SEBI Approval 14-Sep-18
26) Avana Logistek >>> SEBI Approval 14-Sep-18
27) Hinduja Leyland Finance >>> SEBI Approval 07-Sep-18
28) Srei Equipment Finance >>> SEBI Approval 07-Sep-18
29) Penver Products >>> SEBI Approval 05-Sep-18
30) Vectus Industries >>> SEBI Approval 31-Aug-18
31) Milltec Machinery >>> SEBI Approval 30-Aug-18
32) Craftsman Automation >>> SEBI Approval 24-Aug-18

C) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>4 months ago)*:

33) Route Mobile >>> SEBI Approval 16-Aug-18
34) Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders >>> SEBI Approval 10-Aug-18
35) SembCorp Energy India >>> SEBI Approval 01-Aug-18
36) Montecarlo >>> SEBI Approval 31-Jul-18
37) Crystal Crop Protection >>> SEBI Approval 27-Jul-18
38) ReNew Power >>> SEBI Approval 18-Jul-18
39) PN Gadgil & Sons >>> SEBI Approval 13-Jul-18
40) G R Infraprojects >>> SEBI Approval 11-Jul-18
41) K P R Agrochem >>> SEBI Approval 10-Jul-18
42) Lodha Developers >>> SEBI Approval 06-Jul-18
43) Shakun Polymers >>> SEBI Approval 05-Jul-18
44) Flemingo Travel Retail >>> SEBI Approval 29-Jun-18
45) Nekkanti Sea Foods >>> SEBI Approval 22-Jun-18
46) Atria Convergence Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 15-Jun-18
47) Sandhya Marines >>> SEBI Approval 12-Jun-18
48) Genius Consultants >>> SEBI Approval 04-Jun-18
49) Rail Vikas Nigam >>> SEBI Approval 17-May-18
50) Devi Seafoods >>> SEBI Approval 11-May-18
51) John Energy >>> SEBI Approval 27-Apr-18
52) Nazara Technologies >>> SEBI Approval 20-Apr-18

D) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>8 months ago)*:

53) Capricorn Food Products India >>> SEBI Approval 12-Apr-18
54) Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences >>> SEBI Approval 07-Mar-18
55) Patel Infrastructure >>> SEBI Approval 05-Mar-18
56) Indian Renewable Energy >>> SEBI Approval 16-Feb-18
57) Barbeque-Nation Hospitality >>> SEBI Approval 05-Jan-18

E) SEBI Approval *Received* *(>12 months ago)*:

58) Acme Solar Holdings >>> SEBI Approval 15-Dec-17
59) CMS Info Systems >>> SEBI Approval 30-Nov-17
60) Reliance General Ins. Co. >>> SEBI Approval 29-Nov-17
61) Seven Islands Shipping >>> SEBI Approval 10-Nov-17
62) Prince Pipes and Fittings >>> SEBI Approval 03-Nov-17
63) Gandhar Oil Refinery (India) >>> SEBI Approval 26-Oct-17
94.1. ADITYA DABHI  Dec 3, 2018 17:20 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Pan Market ma kedi avse?
Dhan Ki Baat
94.2. Dhan Ki Baat  Dec 5, 2018 21:26 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 500+ Likes)
They all may remain in Pipeline until 2020
R R Patel
93. R R Patel  Nov 9, 2018 17:40 I Like It. 3 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 3100+ Likes)
Sub: Streamlining the Process of IPO:

SEBI, in its endeavor to provide an efficient mechanism for raising funds, has been
continuously striving to streamline the process and methodologies associated with
public issue fund raising process. Towards this end, the time duration from issue
closure to listing was shortened from 12 working days to 6 working days with effect
from January 01, 2016, making Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA)
mechanism as the sole payment mechanism in public issues.

As a part of the continuing efforts to further streamline the process, it has been
decided, in consultation with the stake holders to introduce the use of Unified
Payments Interface (UPI) as a payment mechanism with Application Supported by Block Amount (ASBA) for applications in public issues by retail individual investors
through intermediaries (Syndicate members, Registered Stock Brokers, Registrar and
Transfer agent and Depository Participants). The proposed process would increase
efficiency, eliminate the need for manual intervention at various stages, and will
reduce the time duration from issue closure to listing by upto 3 working days.

Considering the time required for making necessary changes to the systems and to
ensure complete and smooth transition to UPI payment mechanism, the proposed
alternate payment mechanism and consequent reduction in timelines is proposed to
be introduced in a phased manner as under:

Phase I: From January 01, 2019, the UPI mechanism for retail individual investors
through intermediaries will be made effective along with the existing process and
existing timeline of T+6 days. The same will continue, for a period of 3 months or
floating of 5 main board public issues, whichever is later.

Phase II: Thereafter, for applications by retail individual investors through
intermediaries, the existing process of physical movement of forms from
intermediaries to Self-Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) for blocking of funds
will be discontinued and only the UPI mechanism with existing timeline of T+6
days will continue, for a period of 3 months or floating of 5 main board public
issues, whichever is later.

Phase III: Subsequently, final reduced timeline will be made effective using the
UPI mechanism.

Number of applications per bank account:

In order to ensure parity across the various channels for submitted
applications, it has been decided that an investor making application using any
of the aforesaid channel, shall use only his / her own bank account or only his
/ her own bank account linked UPI ID to make an application in public issues.

Applications made using third party bank account or using third party linked
bank account UPI ID are liable for rejection.

Sponsor Bank shall provide the investors UPI linked bank account details to
RTA for purpose of reconciliation.

RTA shall undertake technical rejection of all applications to reject applications
made using third party bank account.

So it means, multiple applications and grey market activities may reduce because only online application through UPI payment system and only by own bank account.

These new norms will be fully applicable from 2nd half of 2019 onwards.....
92. yazoo  Oct 31, 2018 19:28 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
Please start an OFS Message board
An forum for Coal india ofs ?
92.1. KAMMA SIVA RAMA KRISHNA  Nov 1, 2018 20:00 I Like It. | Report Abuse
May I know Whether anyone has applied for COAL INDIA LIMITED OFS? May I also please know the subscription figures of OFS for COAL INDIA LIMITED and the particulars of date,rate and mode of allotment?
Dhan Ki Baat
91. Dhan Ki Baat  Oct 26, 2018 15:52 I Like It. 6 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 500+ Likes)
Equitas and Ujjivan participated in FRIDAYS Disaster Chain

Now its time for Biggies from Nifty Index to crash >10%

Nifty Should nosedive >5% in a single day Trade
90. Aniketiaf  Sep 29, 2018 15:38 I Like It. 7 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (800+ Posts, 4700+ Likes)
DHFL Crashed on last to last Friday....

INFIBEAM Crashed on last Friday....

Can any body guess....

Who is the suitable candidate for next Friday.....?
90.13. Aniketiaf  Oct 13, 2018 14:35 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (800+ Posts, 4700+ Likes)
Last Friday was
Good Friday.
KVR Krishna
90.14. KVR Krishna  Oct 22, 2018 11:45 I Like It. | Report Abuse
last friday (19 OCT),
MindTree, IndiaBulls Housing, PNB Housing... were down
any guesses on next friday (26th Oct)...???
89. harit  Oct 4, 2018 19:43 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1000+ Posts, 1700+ Likes)
Please remove this page
88. KAUSHAL BODANI  Oct 4, 2018 11:09 I Like It. | Report Abuse
87. GrowYourMoney  Oct 3, 2018 20:27 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (200+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
LM failed to engineer Subscriptions for the IPO
Carn Mohan
86. Carn Mohan  Oct 3, 2018 20:25 I Like It. | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (600+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
Overvalued ipo fail ho Gaya.
85. SJ  Oct 3, 2018 14:54 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 1600+ Likes)
Another Garden

Either Extend OR Cancel
84. iCapital  Oct 3, 2018 19:39 I Like It. | Report Abuse
83. GrowYourMoney  Oct 3, 2018 17:17 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (200+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
Heard its withdrawn
AV Rajkot
82. AV Rajkot  Oct 3, 2018 16:32 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Where can we see information whether the issue is canceled or price band is revised?
patience & passion
81. patience & passion  Oct 3, 2018 18:13 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Due to turbulent market conditions company had decided to withdraw Dinesh Engineers Ltd IPO.
80. Hiteshji  Oct 3, 2018 17:44 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 200+ Likes)
I think we should avoid all ipos
till november. Let stabilize the
79. SJ  Oct 3, 2018 17:00 I Like It. 5 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 1600+ Likes)
Subscribed up to 17 % only.i.e 30 crore only.

T group IPOs are receiving subscription of SME IPOs...
Shareking The BuLLz EyE
78. Shareking The BuLLz EyE  Oct 3, 2018 15:26 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 600+ Likes)
A good ipo couldn't go through due to market conditions
i have applied for this ipo
hope the application will be cancelled automatically
78.1. AjayKMali  Oct 3, 2018 15:57 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
True, In Booming market, even chip IPO' sail through wonderfully and in down market even good IPO's fail to get 1 time subscription.
Small Investor
78.2. Small Investor  Oct 3, 2018 16:24 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (800+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
sir do't apply in this ipo
after listing this stock will down every day in 5% lower circuit till 10 days of listing

keep awey this stock
bechara accha ipo ki aaisi ki tesi kr di is market ne
77. SJ  Oct 3, 2018 16:22 I Like It. 3 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 1600+ Likes)
Nifty seeks strong support at this level 10760-10780.It must bounce back from that level otherwise it'll plunge down to bloodbath 10200-10250 level.
Tomorrow RBI policy.Rate hike negative for banks,nbfc,hfc,realty.
76. Devenblt  Oct 3, 2018 15:56 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
No bid from qib
75. iCapital  Oct 3, 2018 15:27 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Again another flop show... Withdraw or revised price with some extension?

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