Why Sharekhan is better than Zerodha?

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Sharekhan is a full-service broker while Zerodha is a discount stock broker. Sharekhan offers personalized services through its thousands of branches and franchise offices in almost every town in India while Zerodha is an online broker with no branches.

Sharekhan is better than Zerodha for following reasons:

  • Full-service Broker

    Sharekhan is a Full-service broker offering complete trading and investment services including broking, demat, MF, Margin Funding, PMS and NRI services etc., whereas Zerodha, being a discount broker, limits its services to online trading and direct mutual funds. Sharekhan offers both online and offline trading whereas Zerodha offers only online trading.

  • Research & Advisory

    Sharekhan offers research and advisory services wherein it publishes reports on the economy, markets and different trading segments. The research team also recommends stocks based on technical and fundamental analysis.

  • Neighborhood Stores

    Sharekhan has over 3200 branches and franchise offices in more than 634 cities across India. Customers can visit these offices to avail its various services like account opening, trading and investing in mutual funds etc. Zerodha doesn't offer branch services as it has a very limited physical presence.

  • Relationship Manager (RM)

    Every Sharekhan customer is provided with an RM who is one point of contact for all the services including sales, support and investment help. Zerodha doesn't offer RM support. It is a do-it-yourself type of broker.

  • Free Call & Trade Services

    Sharekhan offers free call & trade service while Zerodha charges Rs 20 per executed order extra for broker-assisted trades.


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