Why do I need a Dhani Stocks Demat account?

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A Demat account is an online repository or a locker where your securities are held. A Demat account is a must for trading in shares, mutual funds, ETF, government securities and bonds. You don't need a Demat account to trade in Currency and Commodity Derivatives.

A Demat account works like a bank account. There are some similarities with the bank account such as-

  1. You get a unique number
  2. The account gets credited when you buy shares and debited when you sell it.
  3. The accounts are regulated by SEBI regulations

Dhani Stocks offers to open trading and Demat account for unlimited trading in Equity, F&O and Currency at Rs 500 per month.


1. Satish Chander Arora   I Like It. | Report Abuse |   Link | Aug 9, 2020 1:52:38 AM Reply
How to prevent misuse of POA BY DEMAT A/C Service provider i.e.India Bulls and what are in-built safeguard for Demat A/,C holder.If his prior consent is achieved before invoking use of POA
2.If from 01stSeptember, 2020 you are converting R.M. Post to Referral Partner and what what control you (Infianulld) will excercise on Referral partner to safeguard interests of Demat A/C holder. Kindly let me know name &designation and e mail i.d. of your officer
If I To do business with you if I shall have n to provide POA In favor of Referrsl Partner.