I want to close my Dhani Stocks Demat account. How to do it? Where can I get the Dhani Stocks Demat Account Closure Form?

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You can close your Demat account anytime you wish. The process to close the Demat account is simple-

  1. Get 'Indiabulls Securities Demat Account Closure Form' from the branch office. You can also download it from the website at Customer Care>>Downloads.
  2. Fill the form. Submit it along with documents like unused DIS, and a copy of ledger. You can also submit the form to a branch office near you or send it to the company address


Adarsh Singh
1. Adarsh Singh  Sep 3, 2020 16:57 I Like It. | Report Abuse Reply 0
Mere sang mein Mera Paisa nahin ja Raha hai kyon sar kab le chala jaega mere account mein rupya hai lekin mere Bank mein nahin ja Raha hai kyon sar rupaye sar Dhoni app mein hi 450 rupya hai kyon nahin ja raha hai mere account mein

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