I want to convert my physical shares certificate into electronic form. What is the procedure to do it? Where can I get the Dhani Stocks Dematerialisation Request Form?

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You can get the Dhani Stocks Dematerialisation Form by visiting the branch office or calling customer care. You can also download it from the website. The forms are available in Quick Links>'Download Form' on the website.

The process to dematerialize physical securities into electronic form is simple.

Steps to dematerialize physical shares-

  1. You have to fill a Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) and submit it.
  2. You need to attach physical certificates of the shares with the form. You can submit the DRF form to the branch office or send it to the address mentioned in the form. 
  3. Dhani Stocks will submit the certificates of the shares to the company registrar.
  4. After dematerialization of the certificates, the Registrar updates the accounts. It also informs the depository of the completion of dematerialization.
  5. The depository will then credit the Dematerialized shares in your Demat account.


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