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What is disclosed quantity Zerodha?

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Disc quantity in Zerodha means the Disclosed quantity.

Disclosed quantity in Zerodha is an option that allows you to disclose a part quantity out of the actual order quantity while placing an order. The disclosed quantity gets displayed to everyone on the market screen as part of the market depth if your order is in the best five prices closer to the current market price. The disclosed quantity has no linkage with the trade execution. The trade gets executed in part or full of the actual quantity based on order matching.

The disclosed quantity cannot be greater or equal to the order quantity and cannot be lesser than 10% of the order quantity in Equity and Currency. In the case of Commodity, the disc quantity cannot be lesser than 25% of your order quantity.

The disclosed quantity is not allowed for F&O trading and in Pre-Open or Post-Close session. The disclosed quantity feature is advantageous for people trading in bulk. If the disclosed quantity field is blank, the market screen will display the actual order quantity which, if sometimes is very big, may alter the demand/supply and change the price to a great extent shaking the markets.

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