Does Zerodha allow BTST?

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Yes, Zerodha allows BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) orders. It is a facility wherein you can buy a stock today and sell it tomorrow (before you get the delivery of the shares). This allows you to gain from a short-term price increase in stock.

To do BTST trade, you have to buy a stock using CNC product type (delivery trade) and the next day sell the stock using the CNC product type.


  • Zerodha doesn't allow BTST trades in T2T stocks, stocks under GSM (Graded surveillance measures) or ASM (Additional surveillance measures).
  • There is a small risk of Short Delivery in the BTST order. In case the seller from the first trade doesn't deliver the shares on time (T+2 days), you may not be able to deliver the shares to the buyer of 2nd In this case, you will face the risk of auction penalty which can be up to 20% of the value of stock short delivered.


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