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How to place orders before market starts in 5paisa?

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Orders placed before the opening of the market are called pre-open session orders. Pre-open session is between 9.00 AM to 9.15 AM. This 15 minutes session involves 3 slots

  1. 9.00 - 9.08 AM-Order collection period-In this slot, you can place, modify or cancel your orders.
  2. 9.08-9.12 AM - Order matching and trade confirmation period-In this period, on the basis of orders received, the exchange determines the Opening Price and confirms orders that match the price. The remaining orders are moved to market session.
  3. 9.12-9.15 AM - This is a buffer period to facilitate transition from pre-open to normal market session.

Key Points to note while placing orders in pre-open market session:

  • Pre-open session orders can be placed on both, NSE and BSE.
  • Only Limit orders and Market Price orders are allowed during this period.
  • All stocks will have uniform price band of 20% in the session. You need to place order within +/- 20% of last trading day's closing price. So, if a stock closed at Rs 200 in the last trading day, you can place order between Rs 160-240.

To place orders in pre-open market session in 5paisa, follow the normal order process but make sure that

  • Your price is within the +/- 20% range of last trading day's closing price.
  • Your order type is 'Limit' and 'Market'.
  • You are placing the order between 9:00-9:08 AM.


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