How to close 5paisa trading account online?

5paisa Account Opening

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5paisa trading account can be closed at any time by submitting a signed account closure form by courier to the company. Once received, the account closure may take from 7 to 10 business days.

Note that the 5paisa trading account cannot be closed online by visiting its website, by email or by phone call.

Steps for close 5paisa trading account

  1. Download and print the Account Closure Request Form.
  2. Tick on Only Trading A/c and fill in the login ID, names, and address of the trading account holder.
  3. Mention the reason for the closure.
  4. Courier the signed form to the address mentioned in the closure form.

Please note:

There should be no negative balance in your account before submitting the account closure form. Also, ensure to square off all the F&O open positions, if any.


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