How to do SIP in Zerodha?

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You can do SIP in Zerodha either through the Coin website or the Coin mutual fund app. Zerodha offers only Direct mutual funds.

To invest in SIP in Zerodha, you need to select the desired mutual fund in the Coin and enter the required details like initial investment amount, SIP date, and SIP amount to create the SIP.

To start a SIP in Zerodha, you need to have sufficient balance in your account for the initial investment amount. You also need to maintain the required balance in your account by the next SIP due date. In case of insufficient funds on the SIP date, Zerodha tries placing the same order for the next five days, post which the order gets cancelled.

You can also modify, cancel, pause, resume or stop the SIPs through Zerodha Coin.


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