How to invest in SIP through Zerodha?

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You can invest in SIP through Zerodha using the Zerodha Coin web or the Coin mobile app.

Zerodha has only Direct mutual funds. Zerodha also offers its investors to invest in normal SIP and AMC SIP.

The process to invest in both the SIPs is the same. However, there are few peculiarities of AMC SIP that you should take note of:

  1. You will get a mail from BSE -STAR MF for the AMC SIP MF order placed or cancelled.
  2. You cannot pause, resume or modify the AMC SIP orders.
  3. In case of insufficient funds in AMC SIP, the said order on the due date gets cancelled and gets placed only on the next SIP date.
  4. The feature to place AMC SIP order is available only in Coin mobile app.


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