Feb 3, 2022 - Feb 16, 2022

Ajanta Pharma Limited Buyback (Ajanta Pharma Buyback) Detail

Incorporated in 1973, Ajanta Pharma is a multinational company based out of India engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations.
In India, the company has a presence in high-growth specialty segments of cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and pain management. Emerging markets are the major contributors to the company's branded generic business where they are present across Asia and Africa. Ajanta Pharma serves a wide range of therapeutic segments like Anti-Biotic, Anti-Malarial, Anti-Diabetic, Cardiology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pediatric, Respiratory & General Health products in this region.
The company's Institutional business comprises supplies to various government bodies in India and supplies of Anti-Malarial products under WHO-approved programs in Africa.
Ajanta Pharma's products are sold in over 30 countries and the company employs around 7,000 people worldwide. The company operates 7 manufacturing facilities in India, 2 of which have been successfully approved by the US FDA. The company's R&D center has a team of over 750 scientists.

Ajanta Pharma Buyback Detail

Issue PeriodFeb 3, 2022 - Feb 16, 2022
Security NameAjanta Pharma Limited
Issue TypeTender Offer
Issue Size (Shares)0.11 Crores
Issue Size (Amount)₹285.60 Crores
Buyback Price₹2550 per share
Face Value₹2 per share
Listing AtBSE, NSE

Ajanta Pharma Buyback Issue Timetable

Offer Opens OnFeb 3, 2022
Offer Closes OnFeb 16, 2022
Record DateJan 14, 2022
Last Date for receipt of Tender FormsFeb 16, 2022
Finalisation of Buyback AcceptanceFeb 24, 2022
Last Date for settlment of bidsFeb 25, 2022
Last Date for Extinguishment of SharesMar 4, 2022

Buyback Ratio

Category Entitlement Ratio of Buyback
Reserved Category for Small Shareholders 30 Equity Shares out of every 151 shares held on the record date.
General Category for all other Eligible Shareholders 1 Equity Shares out of every 91 shares held on the record date.

Company Financials

Summary of financial Information Consolidated)
Particulars For the year/period ended (Rs. in Crores)
  30-Sep-21 31-Mar-21 31-Mar-20
Total Income 1,694.96 2,915.67 2,680.06
Profit After Tax 369.69 653.87 467.70
Net Worth 3,358.90 2,995.63 2,598.87
Reserves and Surplus 3,341.51 2,978.24 2,581.33

Stock price at BSE (in preceding 3 months)

Month High Price Low Price Average Price
Nov-2021 2239.1 2015.8 2136.74
Oct-2021 2366.3 2053.65 2213.24
Sep-2021 2340 2112.7 2199.31

Stock price at NSE (in preceding 3 months)

Month High Price Low Price Average Price
Nov-2021 2239.1 2000 2137.44
Oct-2021 2365.8 2053.65 2213.37
Sep-2021 2330 2110 2201.05

Necessity of the Issue

The Buyback aims to :
i) Distribute surplus funds to shareholders and thereby enhance their overall return.
ii) Improve financial ratios like Earnings per share (EPS), Return on assets (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE).

Ajanta Pharma Buyback Documents

Ajanta Pharma Buyback Rating

Rating:Rated 3.0 stars
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Ajanta Pharma Buyback Reviews

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Company Contact Information

Ajanta Pharma Limited
‘Ajanta House’, 98 Govt Industrial Area, Chark
Kandivli (West),
Mumbai - 400 067, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +91 22 6606 1000

Ajanta Pharma Buyback Registrar

  1. Link Intime India Private Ltd
       Link Intime India Private Ltd
       C 101, 247 Park, L.B.S.Marg,
       Vikhroli (West), Mumbai - 400083

    Phone: +91-22-4918 6270

Ajanta Pharma Buyback Manager

Lead Manager(s)

  1. Vivro Financial Services Private Limited

Registered Broker

  1. Pravin Ratilal Share and Stock Brokers Limited

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20. CSS  
The buy back amount is not credited into my account still for the Ajanta Pharma.
Can anyone provide details when will this happen.
check you bank details in your demat account. if bank details are wrong amount credited in trading account.
19. Suneel Padavala  
Today will we get to know about AR details? Also when will stock be removed from Demat account and money will be credited?
19.2. DuckkyDuck  
AR is nearly 54.8% for retail reserved(less than 2lac) category. My 45 out of 82 shares got accepted.
All shares will be debited, and un-accepted shares will be credited back to account.
As i am an already invested long term investor in Ajanta pharma, i am again buying my accepted shares from market. I have bought in range of 1900-2200. Will buy more in coming days at current price in range 1750-1800. This way my total avg price will be near 2000. So its like i sold by 45 shares at 2550 and bought is at 2000.
At the start, my holding was 102 share.
My profit from BB is 45*550=2450.
At the end i bought those 45 shares, so my final holding remains intact with 102 shares.
19.3. Ramanand  
Accepted 1/2, Entitlement - Zero. Debited 2/2, will be credited back 1/2. Not purchased for Buyback. But tendered.
AR will be more than 60% in reserve category.....
18.5. Girish prasad  
It is 54 % .a good judgment
18.6. ARJUN'S EYE  
Accepted 47 shares against 85 tender shares. So, I have written ratio is 55.29%.
17. DuckkyDuck  
Today was first day of tendering

BB issue is 11.2 lac shares. And on 1st itself nearly 38 lac shares are tendered. Making the BB issue subscribed more than 3x on 1st day.
But note that, for retail reserved category, not much shares were tendered. This high subscription is due to big investor (more than 2lac) tendering. You can see high numbers in QIB and NII.
17.4. pATILS  

17.5. Kishen  
Buyback closure is on 25th can expect funds on or before 25th Feb...
16. Noor  
@ likes @ noorul @ mravi @ksr....can anyone suggest the record date for ajanta buyback
16.3. Learntrade  
@ksrk sir...thank u...also one more query if we have 2 shares each of mayur, FDC and kpr before record date in 5 different account...can we offer to tender during buyback....

Kpr mills under any scrutiny by NSE as during buying it is suggesting the same
Sometimes, even a single shall will be accepted. Try your luck.All the best.
No idea regarding your second query.
15. Zain  
I'm first participate buyback I've angel broking Demat account anybody explain me how to participate via Angel broking
14. Ramachandram  
Hi I'm Ram,
Having acc with zerodha & having 32.Ajanta Pharma. Pl advice if I offer for buyback will all my. 32 be accepted or how much will be accepted?

14.1. Suneel Padavala  
Looks AR will be around 50%, so 16 shares might be accepted. However, there are many new people (including me) participating in buyback and CMP is also around 2100Rs. So AR can come down to 40%.
13. Suneel  

First time I'm participating in Ajanta Pharma Buyback process and I have Demat account with HDFC Securities. When we are tendering our shares in Buyback, there is a field called Facilitator. Can anyone using HDFC Securities, can you please tell what should we fill here?

Appreciate your response.

thanks, Suneel
13.1. rahulagg  
@Suneel Sir,
You can leave that field blank.
13.2. Suneel  
Many thanks Rahul. Appreciate your response.
Emami is likely to consider the buyback of shares on 03/02/2022. However the previous buyback in 2020 was through the Open Offer. Let’s wait and see the outcome of the meeting of the Board of Directors. Thank you.

12.1. bscca  
Buyback price in news is 550. Is it TENDER OFFER or through OPEN MARKET???
It’s through the open market. No use. Thank you.
11. DuckkyDuck  
Updates on emami buyback
1. Buyback from open market
2. Max price is 550 (current price ~502)
3. BB size 162 Crore Rs.

For me this not attractive as its open market. Also price difference is not much. Might consider to buy very small qty if fall to 470 level.
9. Suneel Padavala  
Received email from Ajantha Pharma.
I have 40 shares and ER eligibility is 7 shares.
Looks ER is 17.5%

Any idea how much could be AR? Hope you also received email.

9.6. lokes  
@Kishen : you are not eligible else you would have got email. You can once check your spam folder also. Debit might have happened from your account by 14th.
For buybacks, never sell share until record date, its not like bonus/dividend where you can sell on ex date and still be eligible.
@suneel: yesterday ajanta pharma moved a lot and i feel on monday also it will move up due to buyback opening news. it may come near or cross your buy price.
And buyback will be profitable even if AR lesser than 50%, don't worry.
9.7. Kishen  
Thank's a lesson learnt now...will be careful from next time...happy it didn't happen with tcs...
Thank you for your response...
8. SivaMDU  
KSRK Sir/lokes Sir, what is the maximum number of shares for Ajanta Pharma to held as on today(14th) to be considered as retail? Is it 86? Secondly, whether this buyback is available in BSE? Because my broker told they cannot participate in NSE alone buyback. I faced problem due to this in Nucleus software.
On knowing the details of the site/link, the same link will be posted. Thank you.
8.3. SivaMDU  
KSRK Sir, Thank you very much for your prompt reply and very sorry for my delayed acknowledgement.
7. IPO smart  
Respected KSRK Sir,
Buyback size : increase to 18000 Cr.
Today I have purchased qty 43 nos of TCS for long term also. Please suggest.

IPO smart ji,
On the previous occasion i.e., Dec. 2020/ Jan. 2021, the buyback price was Rs. 3000/- and the amount of the buyback was Rs. 16,000 crores whereas in the current buyback, the buyback price is Rs. 4500/- and the amount of the buyback is Rs. 18,000 crores. Hence, the current buyback is considered to be not that much attractive. AR is likely to be at least around 60% if not around 75%. For the long term also, it can be considered to be more beneficial. Thank you n all the best.
6. Rakesh Goel  
TCS buyback rate 4500/- via Tender.
5. IPO smart  
There is remours of TCS buyback.
IPO Smart ji,
Any price more than Rs. 4250/- will be a welcoming one. I am also hopefully looking forward for the outcome of the board meeting on 12/01. Thank you n all the best.
As per the Senior Research Analyst of Zee Business the buyback price is likely to be not less than Rs.4400/-. Hopefully looking forward for the details of the buyback.
“A meeting of the board of directors of Hinduja Global Solutions will be held on January 14, 2022, to consider and explore quantum/ timings of buy-back of equity shares of the company,” HGS said in an exchange filing. The board will also consider potential mergers & acquisition opportunities, the company said. On knowing the details of the buyback, we can take a decision. Thank you.
Today I have purchased 21 shares at the average price of Rs.2232/-. In the next phase, I will try to purchase 20 shares at around Rs. 2210/-, if available before the stipulated date. Thank you.
3.7. lokes  
@suneel: you can get more info on buyback from here:

you will get mail after record date is over for your eligibility and shares holding on record date. you can place order for all shares as holded on record date as per mail (but it should be in your demat while placing order in buyback , so if you are selling after record date then you can buy again to tender if you wish or you can tender remaining quantity).
In buyback mail, dates will be mentioned for tender period upto which you can tender shares in zerodha. Also read below link info in zerodha
3.8. Suneel  
Thanks Lokes and KSRK sir,
Today bought 20 shares at 2223. Thought of buying remaining 60 on Monday. However, shares went up 2285.

Anyhow let's see if I will get opportunity to buy more on Monday
2. helloo  
if someone holding single share on record date then that will be accepted or not here in buyback? how to know that?
Nucleus Software buyback page is missing. Please check up and do the needful. Thank you.