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2. Suneel Padavala   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 24, 2022 1:14:40 PMReply
Today will we get to know about AR details? Also when will stock be removed from Demat account and money will be credited?
2.2. DuckkyDuck   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 25, 2022 12:35:17 PM
AR is nearly 54.8% for retail reserved(less than 2lac) category. My 45 out of 82 shares got accepted.
All shares will be debited, and un-accepted shares will be credited back to account.
As i am an already invested long term investor in Ajanta pharma, i am again buying my accepted shares from market. I have bought in range of 1900-2200. Will buy more in coming days at current price in range 1750-1800. This way my total avg price will be near 2000. So its like i sold by 45 shares at 2550 and bought is at 2000.
At the start, my holding was 102 share.
My profit from BB is 45*550=2450.
At the end i bought those 45 shares, so my final holding remains intact with 102 shares.
2.3. Ramanand   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 25, 2022 6:37:23 PM
Accepted 1/2, Entitlement - Zero. Debited 2/2, will be credited back 1/2. Not purchased for Buyback. But tendered.
1. Suneel Padavala   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jan 21, 2022 6:33:47 PMReply
Received email from Ajantha Pharma.
I have 40 shares and ER eligibility is 7 shares.
Looks ER is 17.5%

Any idea how much could be AR? Hope you also received email.

1.6. lokes   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Jan 22, 2022 1:03:03 PM
@Kishen : you are not eligible else you would have got email. You can once check your spam folder also. Debit might have happened from your account by 14th.
For buybacks, never sell share until record date, its not like bonus/dividend where you can sell on ex date and still be eligible.
@suneel: yesterday ajanta pharma moved a lot and i feel on monday also it will move up due to buyback opening news. it may come near or cross your buy price.
And buyback will be profitable even if AR lesser than 50%, don't worry.
1.7. Kishen   I Like It. 1|Report Abuse|  Link|Jan 22, 2022 1:28:25 PM
Thank you...it's a lesson learnt now...will be careful from next time...happy it didn't happen with tcs...
Thank you for your response...