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* Margin Policy Update

As per the SEBI circular dated November 19, 2019, starting from September 01, 2021, brokers cannot offer additional margin (i.e. 20x) in any segment including intra-day at BSE, NSE and MCX. The margin is now decided by the exchange and remains the same for all brokers. For all intraday product types i.e. MIS, BO, CO trades, the leverage will be the same which is the VAR+ELM margin. Visit New margin requirements in India Stock Market to know more.

Choice Broking is a full-service broker offering margin Exposure or Leverage facility to its customers to trade as high as 20 times over the funds available in their account on Equity intraday trades. There is no exposure facility on delivery trades, Equity Options (buying), Currency, and Commodity Options . Choice broking also offers the margin trading facility wherein the investors can leverage on the broker funds for a part portion of their investment amount and can carry forward their positions beyond seven days as per the MTF agreement with the broker.

Choice Broking Leverage

Choice Broking leverage policy offers attractive exposure/leverage facilities to its customers. The exposure facility allows customers to trade many times over the funds available in their account and increase the probability of earning profits. The leverage is available for Equity intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options (sell), Currency Futures, and Commodity Futures.

The exposure facility is available only on selected stocks. The extent of the limit also depends on the category or quality of the securities. The high-quality stocks get higher exposure limits. You can download the latest list of approved scrips for intra-day exposure limits from the company website from the downloads section available at the footer of their web page.

The margin trading facility provided by the Choice Broking further enhances the purchasing power of the customers that allows you to buy or sell more using a small portion of funds from your balance and the remaining being funded by the broker. The broker charges interest on the amount funded by him. With MTF, you can carry forward your delivery position beyond seven days. With recent changes in SEBI rules for MTF trading, you can now avail margin using shares in your Demat account along with cash.

The company maintains an updated list of Choice Broking Margins files for FNO and Currency stocks with per lot margin details on their website in the downloads section instead of a real-time Choice Broking margin calculator. The list gets updated daily/ regular frequency that can help you assess the amount of margin requirement and accordingly assist you to know the amount of leverage benefit you can avail.

Key features of Choice Broking Leverage/Exposure Policy:

  • Choice Broking Futures margin: Exposure allowed up to 5 times for Equity Futures and Commodity Futures and up to 3 times for Currency Futures
  • Choice Broking Intraday margin exposure is allowed up to 20 times for selected stocks.
  • With the MTF facility, the delivery positions can be carried forward beyond seven days.
  • Stocks lying in the Demat account can be used to avail margin.
  • Intraday trades auto squared off at 3:15 pm.
  • No leverage provided for Equity Delivery, Currency Options, and Commodity Options.

Choice Broking Margin

SegmentTrading Margin
Equity Delivery1x (no margin)
Equity IntradayUp to 20x
Equity FutureUp to 5x
Equity Option1x (no margin) for Options buying and up to 10x for options selling
Currency FutureUp to 3x
Currency Option1x (no margin)
Commodity FutureUp to 5x
Commodity Option1x (no margin)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How much leverage does Choice Broking provide for Intraday Equity Trading?

    Choice broking offers up to 5-20 times exposure for Equity intraday trading on selected stocks.

    The extent of exposure differs for different stocks. The higher the quality of stock, the higher is the leverage. The company publishes an updated list of approved stocks qualified for intraday trading with respective exposure limits on their website.

    For example, if you trade intraday in ACC, you can buy up to Rs. 1 lakh shares with margin money of just Rs. 5,000 with exposure of 20 times allowed in this stock.


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