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IT Enabled Services IPOs in India

A list of IT Enabled Services IPOs in India since 2007. It provides detail about Initial Public Offers (IPO) from the IT Enabled Services sector/industry.

IT Enabled Services IPOs List

S. No. Company Name IPO Type Listing Date Issue Price IPO P/E Ratio Listing Day Close(BSE) Listing Day Close(NSE) Current Price Issue Size
1BLS E-Services Limited IPOMainlineFeb 06, 2024₹135.0044.31₹370.75₹366₹265.05₹310.91 Cr
2Euphoria Infotech India Limited IPOSMEJan 30, 2024₹100.0014.97₹181.51₹66.49₹9.60 Cr
3Benchmark Computer Solutions Limited IPOSMEDec 21, 2023₹66.0016.3₹77.12₹49₹12.24 Cr
4Tata Technologies Limited IPOMainlineNov 30, 2023₹500.0032.53₹1314.25₹1313₹1037.75₹3042.51 Cr
5Protean eGov Technologies Limited IPOMainlineNov 13, 2023₹792.0029.91₹883₹1168₹490.33 Cr
6Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited IPOMainlineSep 22, 2023₹164.0066.67₹158.3₹158.35₹292.45₹563.38 Cr
7Veefin Solutions Limited IPOSMEJul 05, 2023₹82.0041.41₹90.22₹317.95₹46.73 Cr
8Sancode Technologies Limited IPOSMEApr 18, 2023₹47.0010.71₹60.8₹67.75₹5.15 Cr
9eMudhra Limited IPOMainlineJun 01, 2022₹256.0049.42₹258.85₹257.9₹865.95₹412.79 Cr
10Ekennis Software Service Limited IPOSMEMar 07, 2022₹72.0011.4₹84₹83.2₹2.88 Cr
11Sigma Solve Limited IPOSMEOct 19, 2020₹45.00₹45.1₹395.05₹4.95 Cr
12Affle (India) Limited IPOMainlineAug 08, 2019₹745.00₹875.1₹873.65₹1255.15₹459.00 Cr
13Silver Touch Technologies Ltd IPOSMEDec 01, 2017₹121.0018₹122₹778.35₹40.22 Cr
14Riddhi Corporate Services Ltd IPOSMEJun 22, 2017₹130.0016₹134.5₹93.2₹12.35 Cr
15Dev Information Technology Ltd IPOSMEApr 17, 2017₹42.0010₹50.4₹119.1₹6.25 Cr
16Octaware Technologies Ltd IPOSMEApr 03, 2017₹90.0014₹90.55₹45.05₹8.60 Cr
17L&T Technology Services Ltd IPOMainlineSep 23, 2016₹860.00₹865.1₹869₹4845.8₹894.40 Cr
18Bharatiya Global Infomedia Ltd IPOMainlineJul 28, 2011₹82.00₹30.95₹29.9₹2.83₹55.10 Cr
19Thinksoft Global Services Ltd IPOMainlineOct 26, 2009₹125.00₹164.3₹164.4₹1276.35₹45.58 Cr
20GSS America Infotech Ltd IPOMainlineMar 07, 2008₹400.00₹500.65₹500.8₹101.09₹139.90 Cr
21Allied Digital Services Limited IPOMainlineJul 25, 2007₹190.00₹331.8₹330.15₹149.5₹85.93 Cr
22Accel Frontline Limited IPOMainlineOct 30, 2006₹75.00₹70.7₹70.5₹91.83₹42.27 Cr
23HOV Services Limited IPOMainlineSep 27, 2006₹200.00₹179.75₹180.3₹67.89₹81.00 Cr