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IPO Performance Analysis 2021 - Listing Day Gain & Post-IPO Performance

The IPO Performance Analysis 2021 for listing day gain (IPO performance first day). Also, find the post-IPO performance of mainboard IPO's in India 2021. The performance after IPO considers the IPO price and the current market price.

Initial Public Offer (IPO) is used by privately held companies to raise funds from the public and get listed at the stock exchanges. 100's of companies get listed at BSE and NSE through IPO route. Some IPO company shares have higher demand in public. This result in oversubscription of the IPO and listing day gains.

Find the biggest IPO gainers and top looser IPO of 2021. Compare companies by their IPO listing day performance and post-IPO performance (gain/loss as per the current market price of company shares).

The yearly IPO performance analysis report is to check IPO performance of the last 5 years, first year IPO performance of the company and best IPO performance.

IPO Performance Analysis 2021 - Listing Day Gain & Post-IPO Performance

Company Name Listing Date Issue Price (Rs) Listing Day - Close Price (Rs) Listing Day Gain / Loss (%) Current Price
at BSE (Rs)
Current Price
at NSE (Rs)
Gain / Loss (%) Recommendation by Dilip Davda
CMS Info Systems LimitedDec 31, 2021216237.49.91276.15275.8527.85subscribe
Supriya Lifescience LimitedDec 28, 2021274390.3542.46465.8466.8570subscribe
HP Adhesives LimitedDec 27, 2021274334.9522.24420.05420.253.3sub_long
Data Patterns (India) LimitedDec 24, 2021585754.8529.03755.75758.7529.19subscribe
Medplus Health Services LimitedDec 23, 20217961120.8540.811219.651225.6553.22sub_long
Metro Brands LimitedDec 22, 2021500493.55-1.29603.2601.7520.64sub_long
C.E. Info systems limitedDec 21, 202110331394.55351606.851606.7555.55sub_long
Shriram Properties LimitedDec 20, 202111899.4-15.76110.05110.3-6.74sub_long
Rategain Travel Technologies LimitedDec 17, 2021425340.5-19.88431.55431.751.54sub_long
Anand Rathi Wealth LimitedDec 14, 2021550583.56.09603.65603.19.75sub_long
Tega Industries LimitedDec 13, 2021453725.560.15554.8554.6522.47subscribe
Star Health and Allied Insurance Company LtdDec 10, 2021900906.850.76817.95817.3-9.12avoid
Go Fashion (India) LimitedNov 30, 20216901252.681.541074.71074.2555.75sub_long
Tarsons Products LimitedNov 26, 202166284026.89693.1692.554.7subscribe
Latent View Analytics LimitedNov 23, 2021197488.6148.02552.45551.85180.43subscribe
Sapphire Foods India LimitedNov 18, 202111801216.053.061380.91382.717.03sub_long
One 97 Communications LimitedNov 18, 202121501564.15-27.25959.9960.3-55.35sub_long
S.J.S. Enterprises LimitedNov 15, 2021542509.85-5.93427.2428.75-21.18sub_long
Sigachi Industries LimitedNov 15, 2021163603.75270.4366.3366.25124.72subscribe
PB Fintech LimitedNov 15, 20219801202.922.74864.45864.25-11.79sub_long
Fino Payments Bank LimitedNov 12, 2021577545.25-5.5391.8392.2-32.1sub_long
FSN E-Commerce Ventures LimitedNov 10, 202111252206.796.151992.41998.377.1sub_long
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC LtdOct 11, 2021712699.65-1.73540.65540.35-24.07subscribe
Paras Defence And Space Technologies LimitedOct 01, 2021175498.75185689.25689.1293.86sub_long
Sansera Engineering LimitedSep 24, 2021744818.710.04763.15760.62.57subscribe
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre LimitedSep 14, 2021531619.316.63523.25523.5-1.46sub_long
Ami Organics LimitedSep 14, 2021610934.5553.2992.8992.4562.75sub_long
Chemplast Sanmar LimitedAug 24, 2021541534.9-1.13603.75604.4511.6sub_long
Aptus Value Housing Finance India LtdAug 24, 2021353346.5-1.84366.15367.53.73sub_long
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation LtdAug 23, 2021570531.3-6.79495.65496-13.04sub_long
CarTrade Tech LimitedAug 20, 202116181500.1-7.29813.2812.7-49.74sub_long
Krsnaa Diagnostics LimitedAug 16, 2021954990.753.85687.25686.35-27.96sub_long
Exxaro Tiles LimitedAug 16, 2021120132.2510.21138.3138.215.25sub_long
Devyani International LimitedAug 16, 202190123.3537.06183.05183.15103.39sub_long
Windlas Biotech LimitedAug 16, 2021460406.7-11.59271.25271.3-41.03sub_long
Rolex Rings LimitedAug 09, 20219001166.5529.621315.051315.1546.12subscribe
Glenmark Life Sciences LimitedAug 06, 2021720748.23.92593.2593.1-17.61sub_long
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem LtdJul 29, 202110832310.25113.322600.852605.8140.15subscribe
Zomato LimitedJul 23, 202176125.8565.59113.75113.6549.67avoid
Clean Science and Technology LtdJul 19, 20219001585.276.132383.92382.85164.88sub_long
G R Infraprojects LimitedJul 19, 20218371746.8108.71880.91880.95124.72sub_long
India Pesticides LimitedJul 05, 2021296343.1515.93309.653104.61subscribe
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences LimitedJun 28, 2021825995.920.721403.170.07sub_long
Dodla Dairy LimitedJun 28, 2021428609.142.31543.5542.326.99sub_long
Shyam Metalics and Energy LimitedJun 24, 2021306375.8522.83340.35340.411.23sub_long
Sona BLW Precision Forgings LimitedJun 24, 2021291362.8524.69702.55702.15141.43sub_long
POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment TrustMay 14, 2021100102.982.98132.8232.82sub_long
Macrotech Developers LimitedApr 19, 2021486463.15-4.71276.61276.35162.67sub_long
Barbeque Nation Hospitality LimitedApr 07, 2021500590.418.081490.451492.15198.09sub_long
Nazara Technologies LimitedMar 30, 202111011576.843.222509.152512.1127.9sub_long
Kalyan Jewellers India LimitedMar 26, 20218775.3-13.4567.867.8-22.07sub_long
Suryoday Small Finance Bank LtdMar 26, 2021305276.2-9.44142.45141.9-53.3sub_long
Craftsman Automation LimitedMar 25, 202114901433-3.8322492242.4550.94sub_long
Laxmi Organic Industries LimitedMar 25, 2021130164.626.62438.8438.7237.54sub_long
Anupam Rasayan India LimitedMar 24, 2021555525.9-5.241003.351003.9580.78sub_long
Easy Trip Planners LimitedMar 19, 2021187208.311.39565.4568.2202.35sub_long
MTAR Technologies LimitedMar 15, 20215751082.2588.222187.452188.15280.43sub_long
Heranba Industries LimitedMar 05, 2021627812.2529.55726.65729.4515.89sub_long
RailTel Corporation of India LimitedFeb 26, 202194121.429.15117.75117.725.27sub_long
Nureca LimitedFeb 25, 2021400666.6566.661775.41774.05343.85sub_long
Brookfield India Real Estate TrustFeb 16, 2021275269.96-1.83297.118.04sub_long
Stove Kraft LimitedFeb 05, 2021385445.9515.83951.8951.95147.22sub_long
Home First Finance Company India Ltd.Feb 03, 2021518527.41.81794.5796.953.38sub_long
Indigo Paints LimitedFeb 02, 202114903118.65109.312015.22014.1535.25sub_long
Indian Railway Finance Corporation LimitedJan 29, 20212624.85-4.4223.3523.3-10.19sub_long
Antony Waste Handling Cell LimitedJan 01, 2021315407.2529.29333.65333.555.92sub_long


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