IPO Performance Summary (Issue Price Vs Listing Price)

The report compares the IPO price with the IPO listing day closing price to find the success/failure of IPOs in which investors applied for listing gains.

The report shows:

  • IPO count by the range of listing day gains/losses.
  • How many IPOs are successful on the day of listing?
  • How many IPOs fail on the listing day?
  • What percentage of IPOs listed in positive (profit)?
  • What percentage of IPOs listed as negative (losses)?

IPOs Listing Day Success by Range of Gain/loss

Listing Day Gain/Loss IPO Count Percentage of Total IPOs
-100% - 0%32726.69%
0% - 100%84769.14%
100% - 200%383.10%
200% - 300%60.49%
300% - 400%10.08%
900% - 1000%10.08%
All IPOs1225100%