IPO Allotment Status - Check Date, Process and Calculation

IPO allotment status provides the detail about the number of shares allotted to the investor in an Initial public offer (IPO). IPO allotment process is carried out by the registrar of the IPO. IPO allotment date is the date when the allotment status is announced to the public on the website of the registrar of the IPO.

IPO allotment calculation is published by the registrar in the basis of allotment document. Investors can do IPO allotment check by visiting the website of the registrar (i.e. Linkintime, Karvy) once the allotment is done.

IPO Investors are also informed about the new IPO allotment status by BSE, NSE, CDSL, and NSDL through email and SMS.

IPO Allotment Status Check (Mainboard IPO)

Company Name Issue Open Issue Close Issue Price (Rs) Allotment
Flexituff International LtdSep 29, 2011Oct 05, 2011155Allotment Status
M and B Switchgears LtdSep 28, 2011Oct 05, 2011186Allotment Status
Indo Thai Securities LimitedSep 30, 2011Oct 05, 201174
Taksheel Solutions LtdSep 29, 2011Oct 04, 2011150Allotment Status
Onelife Capital Advisors LtdSep 28, 2011Oct 04, 2011110Allotment Status
Tijaria Polypipes LtdSep 27, 2011Sep 29, 201160Allotment Status
RDB Rasayans LtdSep 21, 2011Sep 23, 201179Allotment Status
Prakash Constrowell LtdSep 19, 2011Sep 21, 2011138Allotment Status
PG Electroplast LimitedSep 07, 2011Sep 12, 2011210Allotment Status
SRS LimitedAug 23, 2011Aug 26, 201158Allotment Status
TD Power Systems LtdAug 24, 2011Aug 26, 2011256Allotment Status
Brooks Laboratories LtdAug 16, 2011Aug 18, 2011100Allotment Status
Tree House Education & Accessories LtdAug 10, 2011Aug 12, 2011135Allotment Status
L&T Finance Holdings LimitedJul 27, 2011Jul 29, 201152Allotment Status
Inventure Growth & Securities LtdJul 20, 2011Jul 22, 2011117Allotment Status
Bharatiya Global Infomedia LtdJul 11, 2011Jul 14, 201182Allotment Status
Readymade Steel India LtdJun 27, 2011Jun 29, 2011108Allotment Status
Birla Pacific Medspa LtdJun 20, 2011Jun 23, 201110Allotment Status
Rushil Decor LtdJun 20, 2011Jun 23, 201172Allotment Status
Timbor Home LimitedMay 30, 2011Jun 02, 201163Allotment Status
VMS Industries LtdMay 30, 2011Jun 02, 201140
Power Finance Corporation LtdMay 10, 2011May 13, 2011203Allotment Status
Aanjaneya Lifecare LtdMay 09, 2011May 12, 2011234Allotment Status
Sanghvi Forging & Engineering LtdMay 04, 2011May 09, 201185Allotment Status
Vaswani Industries LtdApr 29, 2011May 03, 201149Allotment Status
Servalakshmi Paper LtdApr 27, 2011Apr 29, 201129Allotment Status
Innoventive Industries LtdApr 26, 2011Apr 29, 2011117Allotment Status
Future Ventures India LtdApr 25, 2011Apr 28, 201110Allotment Status
Paramount Printpackaging LtdApr 20, 2011Apr 25, 201135Allotment Status
Muthoot Finance LtdApr 18, 2011Apr 21, 2011175Allotment Status
Shilpi Cable Technologies LtdMar 22, 2011Mar 25, 201169Allotment Status
PTC India Financial Services LtdMar 16, 2011Mar 18, 201128Allotment Status
Lovable Lingeries LtdMar 08, 2011Mar 11, 2011205Allotment Status
Fineotex Chemical LtdFeb 23, 2011Feb 25, 201170
Sudar Garments LtdFeb 21, 2011Feb 24, 201177
Acropetal Technologies LtdFeb 21, 2011Feb 24, 201190Allotment Status
Omkar Speciality Chemicals LtdJan 24, 2011Jan 27, 201198Allotment Status
Tata Steel LtdJan 19, 2011Jan 21, 2011610Allotment Status
Midvalley Entertainment LtdJan 10, 2011Jan 12, 201170Allotment Status

IPO Allotment FAQs

  1. What is IPO Allotment Status?

    Shares are allocated to retail investors in an IPO through a lottery in case of oversubscription of IPO. Online IPO allotments status offers detail about the number of shares applied and allocated to the investor in an IPO.

  2. How to check IPO allotment status?

    The allotment status is available online on the registrar's website. An investor can check allotment status by entering PAN Number or the IPO allocation number.

    Registrar of the IPO also publishes a basis of allotment document. This document provides detail about the number of applications received and how the allotments are done.

  3. Where to check IPO allotment status?

    IPO investors can check the IPO allotment status on the website of IPO registrar.

    Each IPO has a designed registrar i.e. Linkintime, Karvy. Register of an IPO is a financial institution registered with stock exchanges and SEBI. Registrars keep the records of the issue and ownership of the company shares. The registrar is responsible for allotment of shares to investors in an IPO, process refund, and transfer allocated shares to investors demat account.

  4. When is IPO allotment status?

    IPO allotment status is available online within one week of the public issue closing date. The allotment is announced by the registrar of the IPO.


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