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not worth applying
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NHAI-Interest at the end of Sep
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Interest recd
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REC bonds should trade Rs.15 lower than PFC tax free bonds (excluding interest accumulated component) on a comparitive YTM basis.

If PFC trades @ 1010 then REC should list @ 995 (minus interest component) so may be Rs.990/-. So those who have applied for listing gains can write to Registrar for refund.
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NHAI Bonds

SBI N5 premium has come down by Rs.100/-. It appears the market had already built in the CRR cut and was expecting something more.

Premium of 2-3 % appears reasonable. But with new issues of HUDCO and IRDC, the buying demand may be reduced.

We would be lucky to have a premium of 2.5% and above.
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NHAI Bonds

Too high to expect 10%. 2% premium is reasonable.

SBI N2 premium was 700 prior to SBI N5 listing and later N5 got listed at 3-4% premium. Now N5 is at a premium of 500. So we can expect 1.5% to 2.5%. Anything above 2.5% means that we are lucky.
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NHAI bonds appear attractive and the response it has generated already from QIBs and HNIs indicate that it is a must apply.

A comparison with the same rating of SBI bonds indicate that these bonds are attactive if somebody is in the 20% or 30% income tax slab.

One may apply in 15 year bonds and a listing gain of 2-3% can also be expected.
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Muthoot Finance NCDs currently are trading @ 14.25% yield. Assuming the yield to remain same, the new NCDs would trade @ 2-3 % discount. Suggest not to apply.