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1. Chandresh   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Aug 21, 2017 11:55:47 PMReply
Unfortunately I have opened account with ventura security

I am new to trading/investing in stock market (I am software engineer by profession in ahmedabad)

I am over charged by stock broker by name of stamp duty and transaction charges which they say are not in their hand and they are of Govt and exchange.

I have opened account in ventura security, baroda by reference of my friend and they communicated only brokerage charges only while opening an account..

10 paisa for delivery and 1 paisa on intra day..

They have never communicated hidden charges..

Now they are not replying emails sent on crm@ventrua1.com or complaints@ventrua1.com.

I have wrote almost 10-12 Emails.. NO EMAIL SUPPORT

No good Software always crashes when market is volatile, mobile app is as bad as nothing.

NO PHONE SUPPORT.. I have not heard a single helpful sentence on call.


Before couple of days, I have tried my first purchase. Just trial purchase of BSE Equity delivery,

I received a bill with 113.50 Rs + 2.17% other charges including brokerage, stamp duty and transaction charges + GST on my trial delivery trade. Total 116.18 Rs
Only for Equity Delivery

As per brocker STAMP DUTY for INTRADAY is 0.002% and DELIVERY is 0.01% ( 1 Rs per 10,000 )
Any Minimum or Maximum Stamp Duty Rule on Share trading in Gujarat...

Transaction charge..minimum/maximum any rule on turnover.

I cannot afford non communicated hidden one way).
1.1. A K Shukla   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Sep 15, 2019 2:16:45 PM
You may switch over to other brocker. But before that you must give poor rating to your broker giving details of all your concerns regarding poor customer service And keep on giving him poor rating.