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1. KULDEEP SINGH GUAR   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|Feb 10, 2011 1:50:40 PMReply
Im proud of chittor. the great mewer.I like chittor fort very much. CHITTOR BAHUT ACHI JAGAH HAI.I INVITE ALL VISITORS TO COME HERE IN ANY SEASON.I M FROM CHITTORGARH N I KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL PLACE IS THIS. GARDEN , MEERA TEMPLE,PADMINI PALACE, VICTORY TOWER, GOMUKH TEMPLE, KIRTI TOWER, KALIKA TEMPLE,AND SO LONG AREA FOR WALKING AND MAKING HOLIDAY BUT IN SPRING SEASON U CAN,T IMAGINE KITNA MAJA ATA HAI YAHA. PLS COME AND SEE THE NATURE .Mewar was place of paradise and whose king was Maharana Pratap ( brave,intelligent,worshiper of lord ) I am proud of "MAHARANA PRATAP" and his son "AMAR SINGH" and his ancestors "MAHARANA SANGHA" and "MAHARANA KUMBHA".They fought war till they had last drop of blood in his body.I am feeling proud of them and "MAHARANA PRATAP's" horse "CHETAK".I am proud of being a "RAJPUT" .Ilove Chittor, VEER MAHARANA PRATAP and CHETAK and proud to be a hindu rajput.this is a very beauti full city in rajasthan.
I belong from -karedia. Th. bhadser, Dist. ChittorGARH [RSJSTHAN]
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