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Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited IPO (Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO) Detail

Sep 24, 2018 - Oct 1, 2018

Incorporated in 1913, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited is a Mini Ratna-Category I company engaged in shipbuilding company under the administrative control of the MoD.

The company primarily adheres to the requirements of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. It is also engaged in the engineering and engine production activities and manufactures deck machinery items, pre-fabricated portable steel bridges, and marine pumps.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders has three separate facilities for shipbuilding, located at Kolkata, India. The ships are built at the Main Works Unit and the Rajabagan Dockyard. The third facility, is mainly used for fitting out and repair of ships.

The Company has many firsts to its credit in the Indian shipbuilding industry. It is the first Indian shipyard to integrate carbon composite superstructure with steel hull for the construction of the third ASW Corvette for the Indian Navy.

It is also the first and the only Indian shipyard to build and subsequently deliver a fleet tanker to the Indian Navy and to build and subsequently deliver a hovercraft to the Indian Coast Guard among others.

The shipbuilding division contributes majorly to the company's revenue from operations. It has contributed 81.23%, 75.10%, 79.09% and 83.33% of gross revenue from operations in September 30, 2017, Fiscals 2017, 2016
and 2015 respectively.

Strengths of the Company-

1. Strong Order Book of ₹208,033.60 million as on February 28, 2018.
2. Significant advantage over global shipyards in securing contracts due to Make in India initiative.
3. Offers diversified products and services in addition to shipbuilding
4. Modern infrastructure with integrated shipbuilding capabilities

The company has 2,224 full-time employees on its payroll.

Company Promoters:

The Promoter of the company is the President of India, acting through the Ministry of Defence. The Promoter, along with its
nominees, currently hold 100% of the pre-Offer paid-up Equity Share capital of the Company.

Company Financials:

Summary of financial Information (Restated)
Particulars For the year/period ended (in Rs. Millions)
30-Sep-17 31-Mar-17 31-Mar-16 31-Mar-15(Proforma)
Total Assets 46,999.32 45,650.04 44,514.94 40,009.76
Total Revenue 5,8583.93 11,579.57 18,467.47 16,391.63
Profit After Tax 180.69 122.32 1,620.47 517.28

Objects of the Issue:

The objects of the Issue are to:

1. Carry out the disinvestment of Equity Shares by the Selling Shareholder
2. Achieve the benefits of listing the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges.

The Company will not receive any proceeds from this Offer and all proceeds shall go to the Selling Shareholder.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Details

Issue OpenSep 24, 2018 - Oct 1, 2018
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
Issue Size29,210,760 Eq Shares of Rs 10
(aggregating up to Rs 344.69 Cr)
Face ValueRs 10 Per Equity Share
Issue PriceRs 114 - Rs 118 Per Equity Share
Market Lot120 Shares
Min Order Quantity120 Shares
Listing AtBSE, NSE

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Tentative Date / Timetable

Bid/Offer Opens OnSep 24, 2018
Bid/Offer Closes OnOct 1, 2018
Finalisation of Basis of AllotmentOct 1, 2018
Initiation of RefundsOct 3, 2018
Credit of Shares to Demat Acct:Oct 3, 2018
IPO Shares Listing Date:Oct 5, 2018

Retail & Employee Discount

A discount of Rs 5 per equity share is offered to applications in retail and employee quota.

IPO Notices

External Link

Issue Date Extended

The issue closure date has been extended up to 01 October 2018. The Price band has been revised from 115/- to Rs. 118/- To Rs. 114/- to Rs. 118/- per share.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Subscription Status (Bidding Detail)

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO how much subscribed?

No. of Times Issue Subscribed (BSE + NSE)

As on Date & Time






Shares Offered






Oct 1, 2018 17:00






Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Prospectus

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Rating

Rating:Rated 3.7 stars

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Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Listing Date

Listing DateWednesday, October 10, 2018
BSE Script Code542011
Listing In
Issue PriceRs 118 Per Equity Share
Face ValueRs 10 Per Equity Share

Listing Day Trading Information

Issue Price
Last Trade
Rs 118.00
Rs 104.00
Rs 95.35
Rs 109.50
Rs 105.10
Rs 118.00
Rs 102.50
Rs 95.00
Rs 109.00
Rs 103.30

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Reviews / Ratings

Dilip Davda - Subscribe for Long Term
GEPL Capital- Subscribe
Rudra Shares & Stock Brokers- Subscribe
Asit C Mehta-Subscribe
SMC Research- May Opt
Canara Bank Securities-Subscribe
Angel Broking- Neutral
Choice Broking- Avoid

Company Contact Information

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited
43/46 Garden Reach Road
Kolkata - 700 024
West Bengal, India

Phone: 033-2469 8545

Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Registrar

Alankit Assignments Ltd
   Alankit House 2E/21,
   Jhandewalan Extension,
   New Delhi - 110055

Phone: (011) 4254 1234

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Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO Review / Comments

128. tnk  Nov 3, 2018 11:30 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Can't understand why no allotment in coal india ofs, when applied at cutoff 150 nos, my broker debited 39900 initially but got same credited in the evening.
127. yazoo  Oct 11, 2018 23:27 I Like It. | Report Abuse
wise words
Investing based on how you vote is still a terrible idea

and let me add vice versa !!

October 10, 2018 9:00am by Barry Ritholtz
126. yazoo  Oct 11, 2018 23:23 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Spoken like a true anarchist ,,, but please remember
on CRIMEA ,.. Indian babudum is still stuck in non aligned era

"Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Every party is desperate for votes and worse the Intelligent Indian is stuck between a rock and hard place
125. Anarchist  Oct 11, 2018 10:19 I Like It. 5 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
Isn't it absurd to trust a private company with zero experience in aircraft manufacturing, with technology of the nation's most advanced fighter jet? Especially when even a DRDO official was caught engaging in espionage, leaking sensitive data about Brahmos Missile system to the enemy nation Pakistan? .....
What kind of patriotism can inspire one to take such decisions is something one needs to ponder on ..
125.2. juju  Oct 11, 2018 20:21 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (300+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
Call me whatever you want, with first hand knowledge of HAL, I know a global giant like Dassault can better handle QCC with a private player
125.3. yazoo  Oct 11, 2018 23:18 I Like It. | Report Abuse
No real data on rafael jet deal is out ,,, 3 ways to sort out the mess PIL in SC and CAG audit . someone has filed a pil already . I dont particularly trust the parliamentary committee.

The fighter purchase has gotten delayed since George Fernandes had scrapped make in India Mirages ... Imagine the delay !!!
More importantly India needs Bomber Jets soon cause mirages are aging and will get phased out.. the tough things like training pilots and mating weapon payloads and doin the smart hacks take time...
124. Anarchist  Oct 9, 2018 09:58 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
If 'THEY' win the elections again..blindly pick all Reliance stocks....Infra, Industries, Defence, Naval whatever those would double every 6 months for the next 5 years...

One may also initiate a 'pair trade' to maximize Buy truckloads of Reliance Naval / Defence and simultaneously sell some 'Nation Building's scrips like Garden, BDL or HAL against margin intraday, everyday... ..Cheers!!
124.5. Anarchist  Oct 11, 2018 11:48 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
id pick it stock like tcs etc for the longer term cause it is not politically sensitive

^^^^. No ..Kot that either ...because Putin felt betrayed on the Crimea issue where unlike China, India refrained from taking a firm stand and now as THEY purchased the S400 system from Russia, America feels betrayed which is deducible from the recent diplomatic change at the Oval and the latest statement by Donald Trump...

India's export industry must now prepare to face America's wrath.....
124.6. Anarchist  Oct 11, 2018 12:00 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
One must avoid boarding long distance flights if they can't handle Jet lags ... Similarly, THEY need not be at the helm of the nation if THEY ain't capable of handling lags, adversities...

THEY knew the situation beforehand and THEY still promised a utopia where everything would be hunky dory ....I'm afraid but no amount of explanations can suffice for people to excuse them for what THEY have done...
123. Anarchist  Oct 11, 2018 09:49 I Like It. 5 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (500+ Posts, 1400+ Likes)
I'd be keenly watching the amount of 'Long Term Capital Gains Tax' 'THEY' manage to collect after all the grandfathering..
122. yazoo  Oct 11, 2018 02:21 I Like It. 3 | Report Abuse
I recovered partial losses from GIC ipo by shorting Garden reach .. wonder why i didnt increase my short ...i expect it to fall 10% at least in short term from here.
90 is fair value ... ie if govt doesnt cheat shareholders like it did to ONGC and oil cos
Greedy finance and disinvestment ministry is forcing LIC to bail out its fiscal deficits.This is the same formula used by congress govt ,
The promoter should at least leave say a 5 to 10% for the retailer ... forget the big investor. Wonder how LIC will make money for its policyholders.. wont take time to make LIC Bimaru
I wonder how much difference is there between Congress and BJP on eco policy
BJP has over taxed middle class Only thing is there is no mega corruption as in congress but there is mega freebee culture which is equally dangerous for the economy
Now lic is facing poor profits and cash crunch / deficits as per EcoTimes
121.1. PavanM  Oct 10, 2018 13:30 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
an IPO she leave at least 20-30% for retail investors as the whole process takes at least 10 days. As market is positive today, there is no panic selling otherwise it would have listed further less like IRCON. so, GRSE issue should have fixed issue price at 80.
120. Marketvisual  Oct 6, 2018 12:58 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Good to see that there is no response in this forum..
It seemss that 20 percent RII who applied for it has gone out of india for relaxing..
Its good for them to be out till diwali on vacations. Because they wont be able to face the listing of this issue.. they would be thinking 50 percent in discount??
Tough time for them.. and everone who has invested in equity on higher levels..
120.6. Devendrap  Oct 9, 2018 19:40 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Correct sir presently Archidply share rate 38 RS only. It's really good lesson learn for beginners.
I was applied 8640 share for garden ipo in first day in HNI But due to SEBI RULES not able to withdrawn my application.
Thanks to God for 0 allotment and now it's this ipo is lesson learn for me for future ipo application
120.7. PavanM  Oct 10, 2018 08:55 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
Archidply all time low is Rs.4.5/- vs issue price of some 74.
119. Devendrap  Oct 8, 2018 15:10 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Finally lucky 😁 got 0 allotment in HNI CATEGORIES
119.1. SJ  Oct 8, 2018 15:12 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (700+ Posts, 1600+ Likes)
How ?
HNI sub. only 30 %
119.2. Devendrap  Oct 8, 2018 15:23 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
I don't no but my full amount refunded in my bank account. May be my application rejected due to any unknown reason..but I am feeling relaxed now
Regulagedda Ambica Prasad
118. Regulagedda Ambica Prasad  Oct 8, 2018 11:26 I Like It. | Report Abuse
GRSE : Allotment done at 113
117. Marketvisual  Oct 8, 2018 09:19 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hahaaha.. check out awas financial today.. which is a bigger brand then garden reach ipo..
It dosent marrer any ipo is good or bad..
Its the market condition wherein which they are listed.
1 reason is higher valuation.
2 readon is bad market condition..
3 reason is.. whoever got this ipo will sell it
So . Its gone..
117.1. Devendrap  Oct 8, 2018 09:50 I Like It. | Report Abuse
116. Marketvisual  Oct 7, 2018 08:08 I Like It. | Report Abuse
First day 20-25 percent down opening..
2nd or third day.. or within a week.. again 20 prrcent down in total..
116.1. Devendrap  Oct 7, 2018 20:37 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Synergy green ipo subscribe only 1.1 times but open with 20% positive then how can you assume that it will open with 25% negative.
Dear no one assume in ipo for its opening price. Recently Ircon subscribe 10 times but open 15% negative
kumar babu
115. kumar babu  Oct 4, 2018 16:25 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Tomorrow listing price, any guesses !
115.1. Devendrap  Oct 4, 2018 18:04 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Allottement out?
Anil Singhavi
114. Anil Singhavi  Oct 4, 2018 09:42 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Laagta he jaise RBI aur SEBI milkar kar companies ki vat laga rahe he.

Is IPO ki listing pe public iski kahi vat na lage de.

If such news/whatsapp message spread in market before listing then it will be the worst scenario for this IPO. people who got allotted can't forgot this in their nightmare.
113. Devendrap  Oct 3, 2018 19:19 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Hni and retail me kya sabhi Ko allottement milega kyonki dono me subscription full subscribe nhi huva?
113.1. Devendrap  Oct 3, 2018 21:04 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Dear admin
Please advise as I am new for ipo
v for vendetta
112. v for vendetta  Sep 26, 2018 23:22 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Top Contributor Top Contributor (200+ Posts, 300+ Likes)
Lower price band reduced by Rs 1.
Awesome, lets grab this opportunity.
No sarcasm
112.1. DownriteVJ  Oct 2, 2018 11:32 I Like It. 1 | Report Abuse
IPO Guru IPO Guru (1100+ Posts, 1000+ Likes)
ipo share
112.2. ipo share  Oct 2, 2018 23:14 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Really very good opportunity, once in lifetime. Dil garden garden ho gaya.
Waah hazoor waah.
Anil Singhavi
111. Anil Singhavi  Oct 2, 2018 10:23 I Like It. 2 | Report Abuse
Allotment : 8-10-2018
Credit share : 9-10-2018
Unblock : 9-10-2018
Listing : 10-10-2018
110. Devendrap  Oct 1, 2018 21:24 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Any one can share total subscription please
110.1. HARI MODI  Oct 2, 2018 08:10 I Like It. | Report Abuse
QIB 1.81
Non Institutional Investors 0.31
Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) 0.24
Employees 0.14
Total 1.02
109. Rajesh.n.n  Oct 1, 2018 10:49 I Like It. | Report Abuse
Last chance to withdraw application

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