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331. bullishtiger  Feb 11, 2016 23:18
Boeing shares drop 11%
Will it impact indigo tomorrow ?
330. Eagleye  Feb 1, 2016 08:18
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List of Companies in Auto Ancillary Sector
Which have PE > Precision Camshaft:

Motherson Sumi
Shanthi Gears
Sona Koyo Steer.
Sundaram Clayton
Minda Corp
Timken India
Wheels India
Fag Bearings
Suprajit Engg.
Automotive Axles
ANG Inds
SKF India
Lumax Auto Tech.
Amara Raja Batt.
Harita Seating
Shivam Autotech
Jamna Auto Inds.
NRB Bearings
Autolite (I)
JBM Auto
Hi-Tech Gears
India Motor Part
India Nipp.Elec.
Menon Bearings
Minda Inds.
Rane (Madras)
Fiem Inds.
330.1. Apex  Feb 1, 2016 08:28
Eagleye please provide latest gmp of monday
329. Eagleye  Jan 27, 2016 09:21
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Indigo VS Spicejet

What is Bothering Indigo?
Stock extends decline to 4th Day
Airbus Delay wipes $1.2 bn market cap
Leasing old planes will raise Indigo’s expenses
Pressure on ticket prices & INR depreciation to offlower oil price gains
Brokerages like Citi and Kotak cut TP on the stock by 8-10%

What is Boosting Spicejet ?
Reports a profit vs a loss in the previous qtr
Lower costs and operating expenses aide margins
Reduction in capacity has helped the co

Indigo vs Spicejet : Stock performance (YTD)
Indigo down 25%
Spicejet up 2.3%

Indigo vs Spicejet : ANR
Indigo 12 M TP Rs 1127.88/share
Spicejet 12 M TP Rs 83/share

Market Share
Indigo mkt share at 35.6 in dec from 36.4 in Jan
Spicejet market share at 12.7 in dc vs 9.4 in Jan

Passenger Factor (%)
Indigo PLF increases to 88.5 in Dec from 85.2 in Jan (up 4%)
Spicejet PLF increases to 92.1 in Dec from 80 in Jan (up 15)

PE for Q3FY16
Indigo: PE at 49.37
Spicejet: PE at 23.2
329.1. Septa  Jan 27, 2016 09:44
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i have both the stock in my portfolio and bullish on both however i have sold 60% my holding in indigo after seeing 60% increase in value however spice jet has seen more return still holding and also one jet air and other few air line related companies given crude oil play
Chem cho
328. Chem cho  Jan 9, 2016 12:35
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328.1. Eagleye  Jan 22, 2016 11:51
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Will Indigo hit lower circuit today ?
327. Eagleye  Dec 21, 2015 19:47
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Kotak Initiate on InterGlobe Aviation - Flying high. 

*We expect India’s domestic air-travel demand to proliferate in FY2015-18E(expect 19% CAGR) on account of (1) narrowing gap between rail and air fares and (2) expected pick-up in economic activity.

*IndiGo will be the prime beneficiary of this trend given (1) its dominant position in the space and (2) lack of capacity with its peers.

*Strong PAT CAGR of 41% in FY2015-18E should enable high FCF generation and dividend payout and attract premium valuations for the company.

*We initiate coverage with a BUY rating and TP of Rs1,420, based on 15X September 2017E EPS.
Parmanand Jethani
327.1. Parmanand Jethani  Jan 7, 2016 13:39
Allotment Of IPO can be checked after five years.What is max time period for this.
Parmanand Jethani
326. Hemant  Dec 11, 2015 11:26
Hi all,

I''m new here, even in IPOs also. I was reading red herring prospectus of NHL.
As per page 18, there are 10 criminal cases against company/subsidiaries, 1 against promoters, 8 against directors, many other legal cases are there in which NHL is involved. Amount involves ~43 cr ( excludes cost and interest claimed). As per risk factor section, there are many risk factors involved. Also in FY15 consolidated financials of NHL are not good, even suffered losses in FY15.

As per my understanding this can''t be good investment.

(All this information is from red herring prospectus)
326.1. Eagleye  Dec 20, 2015 13:42
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Bhav Bhagwaan !
325. JIGNESH SANGHAVI  Nov 28, 2015 14:17
Alchem gmp 142 145 please update? ??
324. Irrational  Nov 27, 2015 14:38
@Septa: Correct me if i am wrong..

Indigo had profit of 640 Crs in Q1. Considering just 5% of growth in net profit each quarter the total profit comes 2757 Crs for the whole year FY16.

1) Fuel prices are low and will remain low there should not be any instability
2) This is the fastest growing business in India currently

Now considering all above scenarios, what should be the PE of INDIGO

~ 20 = 2757*20 = 55140
~ 25 = 2757*25 = 68925
~ 30 = 2757*25 = 82710

* Now the best part, the company is aslight, lots of profit should flow down as dividend.
324.1. Septa  Nov 27, 2015 21:40
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MC of 55140 is little bit rich IMO then market is irrational i have start selling sold 30% at average Rs1125 still hold 1500 share next kick would be quarterly result
323. Chandravadan  Nov 26, 2015 16:19
Dear Septa,

I congratulate you on your comment which you posted few day ago of indigo listing as

"just a analysis based on JEJU aviation listing where market has given a premium of 60%....
JEJU this company is loss making company however this year bcoz of crude price will make a profit of 221 crs and MC of 1.14 Indigo in number plane is 5 times big then JEJU in number of flights a day it 6 time big and on profit front it is 13.5 times big...... now let see what valuation we get anything over 6 billion.... if we get 60% premium as JEJU got the share price will be RS 1275....."

You are really genius, although I have not applied for indigo but I like your observations and comments on this websites.


Chandravadan Jani.
323.1. IndianTrader  Nov 26, 2015 20:04
Yes, Mr Jani, I also agree with you. I followed him and got the profit. Thanks Septa.. Regards
323.2. Septa  Nov 27, 2015 08:49
IPO Guru IPO Guru (4000+ Posts, 4600+ Likes)
Thank u and happy investing.
Prashanth Shiva
322. Prashanth Shiva  Nov 24, 2015 14:20
Health care global- HCG is coming IPO. It is good as far as i know
321. dar  Nov 21, 2015 21:52
Please tell me about New iipo date
B. Srinivasan
320. B. Srinivasan  Nov 20, 2015 15:15
I applied for 3 lot @ 765 and money was deduct from my account but there was no shares allotted to me and I just want to know when will I get my money back?
B. Srinivasan
320.2. B. Srinivasan  Nov 21, 2015 16:55
Pl, advice how to get the shares that what I bid?
lalit p
320.3. lalit p  Nov 26, 2015 08:48
B. Srinivasan,

First of all check the IPO allotment status and see what''s the status you see.
Tell me the result, will try to help you..

319. RAJPAN  Nov 19, 2015 15:26
Presently, I don''t find much comment from our experts.
Probably, Indigo''s performance has stunned most of our friends.
Anyway, it is a good platform to have positive attitude to make profit for all our friends. Thanks. Any New IPO in near future.
318. Irrational  Nov 16, 2015 18:56
INDIGO is getting in FTSE indices from 18-Nov-15. Details below:
318.2. Irrational  Nov 17, 2015 13:43
That was only for information. Only things which can impact the stock price of Indigo are Greed, Fear & Liquidity. Cheers !!
318.3. IndianTrader  Nov 17, 2015 20:25
Thanks a lot irrational, I would add your three points very first for each trading. Regards,
317. Seshasai  Nov 16, 2015 09:36
INDIGO is at it still a good price to enter?
316. k.p  Nov 16, 2015 07:37
1105 today plz wite
....& shk 255.....
Lund piki
315. Vivi  Nov 13, 2015 17:34
Wtf is happening with Indigo. It''s just not stopping...
315.1. Septa  Nov 13, 2015 20:55
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FTSE inclusion boosts IndiGo stock today this big positive given that now FII MF need to have indigo in it portfolio as a index based fund.... my second target price is 1075 which i though would come in 3 to 6 months which came close today.... will book some more profit waiting for alike hope it is priced right and leave a lot for RII
314. SONMAYA  Nov 13, 2015 12:48
Top Contributor Top Contributor (400+ Posts)
313. SAN  Nov 13, 2015 09:14
Sold all holding at 962
312. pinkyjain  Nov 12, 2015 22:42
Indigo soon 1200 this month
Stay invested
312.1. IPO GRUP  Nov 13, 2015 10:25
ndigo mr pahale to bolte the discount me jayega abhi Q gumte ho ???


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