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10. Badayaji  Jan 20, 2020 19:40
I think that AWHCL will create more wealth to the investors as Government has more and more focus on Waste management.

Thanks to all readers and contributors.
10.1. MoneyBall  Jan 21, 2020 14:37
Antony is one of the best bets to play the Municipal Solid Waste Management Space in India - Lots of PE activity happening in the space with the lights of KKR (Largest Private Equity Investor) doing Investments in India
Antony has a large presence in Mumbai and Other Parts of Mah with one of the largest Projects Kanjurmarg - It takes care of more than 60% of Mumbai's waste - This company thus plays a critical part in BMCs (Bombay Muncipal Corporations ) Swach Bharat Standings
They have also been active in Waste collection, Transportation, Sweeping, Compost production (Compost is now a necessity for Fertilizer companies to mix with their sale)
Fast track growth will be seen in this Business going forward
9. KAMMA SIVA RAMA KRISHNA  Jan 17, 2020 19:53
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Dear experts, I have purchased some NCDs in secondary market through ICICI DIRECT. They are available in the ICICI DIRECT account. They are due for redemption/maturity on 17/01/2010. I request the seniors to enlighten me the procedure that I have to follow for their encashment. Kindly guide me in this regard. How long it will take for crediting of the amount in my bank account. I am anxiously waiting for an early response. Thank you.
9.4. Badayaji  Jan 19, 2020 05:35
I think you will get your money credited in your bank account on the day of maturity, if there is no repayment problem with the company whose NCD you have.
9.5. KAMMA SIVA RAMA KRISHNA  Jan 20, 2020 11:27
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Dear Badayaji sir, thank you very much for your prompt response.
Rahul Popat
8. Rahul Popat  Jan 19, 2020 00:02
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I think if price and management good...its future jackpot now people aware about waste mangement and clean india....

I think more focus on management...if good then huge growth and future of company more better......

From many days i am finding waste management company for investment......

Lets see.......
Dr. Jan Itor
7. Dr. Jan Itor  Jan 18, 2020 15:59
Draft is one year old. Hence the q1 2018 results only. At least financials should have been updated by them. How is anyone to find valuations if no info is given.
Gaadi wala aaya financial details nikaal... ;)
sonal patel
6. sonal patel  Jan 18, 2020 07:47
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Wait for price band and lot size...
sonal patel
5. sonal patel  Jan 18, 2020 07:46
IPO Mentor IPO Mentor (900+ Posts, 4000+ Likes)
Financial information not available after June 2018..
Jatin navlani
4. Jatin navlani  Jan 17, 2020 21:47
Why don't they show their results. Only showing till June-18.
Gupta Amit
3. Gupta Amit  Jan 17, 2020 19:57
Anybody have news price & Lot?
2. KING VINOD  Jan 17, 2020 19:36
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Approx 350 Cr IPO
sree vas
1. sree vas  Jan 17, 2020 17:28
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Guess , it would be a small issue


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