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3. KING VINOD  Jul 8, 2020 18:38 Reply

Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO

One should not subscribe IPOs based only on GMP. One Should know company fundamentals, Nature of business, Growth Prospects, Balance sheets etc.
Rossari Biotech IPO Face Value 2/-
IPO Price 425 upper side
Asking price was too Higher side.
Some IPO investors will not think about Face Value but still .....
Let's see how QIBs and HNIs will participate in this IPO
3.1. lekker  Jul 9, 2020 09:26

Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO

Yes sir looks costly, pre ipo placement was done in same price when nifty was around 12k
2. KING VINOD  Jul 8, 2020 20:22 Reply

Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO

Dear Admin
I think you started giving Reviews. This Rossari Biotech IPO was the First Review from your side.
Hope for Perfect Reviews in up coming IPOs also.
1. KING VINOD  Jul 8, 2020 17:55 Reply

Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO

Rossari Grey Market Premium up
80- 84 @ 05:30pm 08/07/2020

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