Why MIS order blocked in Zerodha for some scrips?

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The intraday trading in Zerodha is restricted on certain stocks due to regulatory or risk management reasons.

The MIS orders on some scrips are blocked in Zerodha on account of the below reasons:

  1. Trade to Trade stocks.
  2. Stocks under Additional Surveillance measures (ASM)
  3. Stocks under Graded Surveillance Measures (GSM)
  4. Highly illiquid stocks
  5. Stocks with lower price bands

Zerodha maintains a consolidated list of stocks that are allowed for MIS on their website under Downloads & Resources.

If you place an order for the scrip that is not on the list, the system pops up an error as 'MIS orders are currently blocked for XXXXX'. You are required to place CNC orders for such stocks.


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