What are NRI Demat Account charges?

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An NRI Demat account attracts fees & taxes similar to a resident demat account. Some key NRI demat account charges are:

  1. NRI Demat Account Opening Fee

    A one-time fee charged by the broker while opening an account.

  2. Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

    A yearly fee charged by the broker to maintain a demat account. This fee is charged irrespective of whether you have done transactions or are holding any securities in your demat account or not.

  3. Debit Transaction Charges

    A fee charged every time you sell shares and the shares are withdrawn from the demat account.

  4. Other Charges

    NRI demat account also attract charges like Pledge Fees and Fee for updating personal info i.e. address, phone number.

  5. Taxes

    All NRI Demat charges have GST of 18% on top of the actual charge.


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