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How to place GTT order in Zerodha app?

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Zerodha offers to place either GTT buy or sell orders through the Zerodha app only for stocks for delivery-based trading.

The GTT features to include Nifty and Bank Nifty futures and options are yet to be launched in Mobile App and are available only on the Zerodha Kite web.

Steps to place GTT order in Zerodha app:

  1. Login to Zerodha Kite app.
  2. Click on any scrip on which you want to apply GTT.
  3. Click on Create GTT option displayed just above the Market Depth window.
  4. Select the transaction type as Buy or Sell.
  5. Select trigger type as Single or OCO (One Cancels Other)
  6. Set your GTT trigger price either by using percentages or define a trigger price. 
  7. Enter the Quantity and the Order Price.
  8. Click to accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Swipe the Create option button.

Note: In the case of OCO trigger type, you need to input the stop loss as well as the target trigger price and order price.


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