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How do I place Zerodha GTC order in Kite?

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Zerodha doesn't provide Good Till Cancelled (GTC) Orders. Instead of GTC, it provides Good Till Triggered (GTT) Orders. GTT orders are available in Zerodha Kite Web only.

In GTT order you specify 2 prices; a trigger price and the order price. The order is placed to the exchange when the trigger price is reached. The order remains with the exchange for a day and gets executed when the stock price matches the order price. If the doesn't get executed in a day, the order gets canceled at the exchange as well as removed from GTT queue at Zerodha.

Note: GTT orders are available in Zerodha Kite Web for stocks (delivery trading) and Nifty and Bank Nifty F&O. The Zerodha Kite Mobile version currently only has the GTT order facility for stocks.


  • Stock: Infy
  • Current Price: Rs 785.75
  • GTT Trigger Price: Rs 701
  • GTT Order Price: Rs 700
  • GTT Order Quantity: 100 Shares

Scenario 1: After 10 days from placing the order, Infy share price reached to Rs 701. Zerodha will now place the order to the exchange. If the price reaches Rs 700, the order will get executed.

Scenario 2: In Scenario 1, if the price didn't reach Rs 700, the order will be canceled at the exchange by end of the day. The GTT order will also be removed from Zerodha GTT pending order list. This is unlike GTC where order remains in the system until it executed.

Scenario 3: If the share price doesn't reach the trigger price for 1 year, the order will be removed from the GTT Pending Order queue.

Scenario 4: If corporate actions like a bonus, dividend (if greater than 5% of market value), stock split, etc. are announced for Infosys, the GTT order will be removed for the GTT Pending Order queue.


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