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How GTT works in Zerodha?

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The GTT order in Zerodha works based on the trigger and the order price set.

Until the trigger price gets hit, the order remains valid for one year from the date of order placement. Once the trigger gets hit, the order gets placed with the exchange. The execution of the order depends on the price match with the set order price.

Zerodha offers to place GTT buy or sell order as Single order or OCO.

In Single order, you need to set one trigger price and the order price for the required quantity. The single trigger order gets placed with the exchange once the trigger price matches.

In OCO (One cancels the other), you need to set a stop-loss and target trigger price or %. Once either of the trigger condition hits, the order gets placed with the exchange canceling the other trigger.

There is no requirement of any margins at the time of GTT order placement. However, once the trigger matches, you need to have sufficient margin or stock in your account as the case be failing which the Zerodha GTT order gets rejected.


1. Sawan   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|May 30, 2021 10:30:26 AMReply
What happens when trigger price hit ,order placed to exchange by zerodha but exchange price jumps from our target price.
Please explain