What is nomination and how to nominate someone to my Aditya Birla Money demat account?

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The nomination is done to appoint a nominee to who the securities held in the Demat account will be transferred in case of death of the account holder. The facility is available only for individual and Demat accounts. In absence of a nominee, your legal heir has to establish himself as the rightful heir before the court to get ownership of the securities.

To nominate someone, your wife or kids, to the Demat account, you need to-

  1. Visit the company website, click on the 'Downloads and FAQs' tab at the top menu. Again click on the 'Downloads'. Now click on the 'Change Request' Tab and download the 'NSDL NOMINATION FORM FORMAT' or 'CDSL NOMINATION FORM FORMAT' as per your DP.
  2. Print, fill, sign and attach supporting documents. For joint accounts, all account holders must sign on the nomination form.
  3. Send it to the company address or submit it in the branch office

Please note-

  • You can nominate up to 3 nominees and allocate the percentage of ownership between them.
  • You can also nominate a minor as a nominee.
  • For joint accounts, the ownership of securities is first transferred to surviving account holders and in case all are dead the to the nominee.


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