How to get the Zerodha API key?

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You need to have an account with Zerodha to access Zerodha API and obtain the Zerodha API key.

Steps to get Zerodha API key:

  • Sign up on Signup / Kite Connect developer to create a Kite Connect developer account.
  • Log in to your Kite Connect developer account.
  • Click on Create App.
  • Enter the Zerodha Client ID, Redirect URL, and Postback URL.

    (A redirect URL is where a user gets landed upon successful login. You get the request token on the redirect URL. A postback URL is where the API posts the notifications on the order status change.)

  • Give a name to the app and describe it.
  • Click on create.

You will get your API keys and API secret to access Zerodha API.


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