How to close HDFC Securities Demat Account

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If you are not using the HDFC Securities account for more than 6 months, it's recommended to close the account to save your maintenance fee.

You can choose either one of the below methods to close your account

  1. You can visit one of their nearest branches and fill the required form. After filling the form submit it and you will get the confirmation SMS alert.
  2. Or download the Account closing form from the website of the depository participant or DP.
  3. Fill it with all required information like DP ID and Client ID, Existing details like name and address, Reason for closing the account etc. and submit to your nearest branch.


  1. They do not charge any account closing fee from their customers.
  2. All holders are required to sign the closure request form. POA holder (if any) cannot sign the closure request.
  3. If the account has any negative cash balance, it must be settled before submitting the request for its closure.
  4. Unused delivery instruction booklet slip should be submitted back to the DP.


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