How Sharekhan brokerage is calculated?

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Sharekhan follows a percentage based brokerage model wherein the brokerage charged is a percentage of the trading value. The percentage is specified in the brokerage plans. Each plan and trading segment also has minimum brokerage criteria.

The brokerage fee is always higher than the minimum brokerage criteria or actual brokerage. The brokerage is also charged per leg of the trade. A buy order is one leg and a sell order is another leg. You have to pay brokerage fees on each leg separately.

Say you buy 100 shares of a company at Rs 300 per share. Your brokerage plan is a Classic account wherein 0.50% will be levied on equity delivery trades.

Brokerage Fees = (100x300)x0.50% = Rs 150

So, you have to pay a brokerage of Rs 150 while buying the stock. You will also have to pay Rs 150 brokerage again when you sell the stocks. In addition to the brokerage fee, you also have to pay government taxes, exchange charges, demat charges, SEBI charges etc.


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