What is Sharekhan brokerage charge?

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Sharekhan offers a wide range of brokerage plans designed to cater to a different type of investors i.e. beginners, active traders. Sharekhan brokerage charges depend on the brokerage plan chosen and segment traded. Sharekhan offers 2 brokerage plans; Classic and Prepaid Plan.

Sharekhan Brokerage Plans

  1. Classic Brokerage Plan (Postpaid)

    Sharekhan charges 0.50% for equity delivery and o.10% for equity intraday in its classic standard brokerage plan. This plan is for beginners and casual investors. The Post-paid plan also comes with the Margin Scheme where the brokerage reduces as you increase the margin money in your account.

  2. Sharekhan Prepaid Brokerage Plan

    Sharekhan Prepaid plans are available from Rs 750 to Rs 2 lakh yearly subscription fees with a validity of 6 months to 1 year. The brokerage reduces as the amount of subscription fee increases. For Rs 750 the brokerage is 0.50% for equity delivery and o.10% for equity intraday. For Rs 2 Lakh plan the brokerage is 0.08% for equity delivery and o.01% for equity intraday.

Visit Sharekhan Review page for a detailed brokerage structure.


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