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What are the documents required to open a NRI trading account?


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Following are the document needed to open the NRI Trading Account. Please note that this list is just for reference. Your broker will provide you the actual list at the time of account opening.

  1. Document about your current Status:
    • In case of Indian passport:
      • Valid passport and
      • Place of birth as India and
      • Valid Visa - Work/Student/employment/resident permit etc.
    • In case of foreign passport: Valid passport and any of the following:
      • Place of Birth as India in foreign passport or
      • Copy of PIO / OCI Card
  2. The PIS Permission Letter from the respective designated bank.
  3. The PIS FEMA NRE/NRO bank accounts cancelled check leaf.
  4. PAN Card.
  5. Overseas Address Proof - Driving License/ Foreign passport /Utility Bills/Bank statement (not more than 2 months old)/Notarized copy of rent agreement/ leave & license agreement/ Sale deed.
  6. Photograph of Investor.
  7. Proof of respective bank accounts & depository accounts.
  8. Account opening fee check + Demat Account Opening Fee check.
  9. Duly signed account opening forms.

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