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Can NRI do share trading in India?

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An NRI is permitted to do share trading in India under the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) of the RBI. The PIS route is mandatory for investing on a repatriation basis, while for trading on a non-repatriation basis, an NRI can trade without PIS if the broker is providing such services to NRIs.

An NRI is permitted to do delivery-based as well as intra-day stock trading in India using NRO Non-PIS trading account. Note that certain brokers do not allow short-selling or intraday trading to NRI customers. ProStocks is the leading stock broker offering NRO Non-PIS trading account.

An NRI requires an NRI trading account, NRI Demat account, and an NRI bank account to start investing in Indian stock markets. The NRI accounts are further classified as Non-Resident External (NRE) or Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) accounts. An NRI can open an NRE (repatriable account) /NRO (non-repatriable) account depending on whether the NRI wants to trade with or without repatriation benefits.

Many banks in India offer 3-in-1 account services to ease the account opening and seamless trading by opening all the accounts under one roof.


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