Can NRI revoke or cancel a power of attorney?

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An NRI can revoke or cancel the power of attorney (POA) anytime through a revocation deed.

Generally, a POA is registered and thus a revocation deed is required to cancel any rights given to the POA holder. In case if a POA is not registered, a written notice to cancel the POA should be sufficient.

Instances when POA can be revoked or cancelled:

  • A specific purpose POA.
  • In case of breach of contract.
  • By mutual consent of both parties.
  • In case any of the parties want to give up their rights.

Note: A specific purpose POA generally gets cancelled automatically once the purpose is met. However, in some instances, it may still require a revocation deed if the POA is registered. A special-purpose POA can also be revoked before the purpose is met.


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