Can I access reports in the Choice Broking Jiffy app?

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Yes, the Choice Broking Jiffy app has a dedicated section for reports from where you can access the Orderbook, Tradebook, P&L Report, Ledger, Pay in/ Pay Out summary, and the back office reports. 

Jiffy App Reports

  • The Orderbookshows the pending and executed intraday and delivery trades in different tabs.
  • The Tradebook shows the list of executed orders with no option to initiate any trade-related actions from this section.
  • The P&L reportshows the net, realized, and unrealized P&L for the current accounting year.
  • The ledger report is the traditional ledger type report with debit/credit columns providing details of every transaction for the current financial year.
  • ThePay-in/Pay-out summary report shows the deposits and withdrawals for the current accounting year.
  • The back-office reportprovides a detailed and customized extract of each of the above report as per your need. 

Apart from the above reports, the Choice Broking Jiffy app also provides various research reports based on fundamental and technical analysis. These reports are available under the research section of the menu that assists the investors take the right call for their investments.


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