Can an SBI employee bid in both, employee and shareholders quota in SBI Card IPO?

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Employees can bid in 3 categories using the same demat account and PAN number in SBI Cards IPO. This includes

  • Employee Portion (up to Rs 500,000)
  • Shareholders Reservation Portion (up to Rs 200,000)
  • General Retail Portion (Any Amount*)

If you apply in all 3 categories, you will be eligible to get the allotment in all 3 categories.

Note: Eligible Employees shall not Bid through the UPI mechanism.

* Considered as RII or NII based on the amount you apply. It is considered as Retail Individual Bidders Portion (RII) for upto Rs 200,000 OR in Non-Institutional Bidders Portion (NII) when the Bid Amount exceeds Rs 200,000


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