Oct 18, 2021 - Nov 1, 2021

eClerx Services Limited Buyback (eClerx Services Limited Buyback) Detail

Incorporated in 2000 eClerx Services provides business process management, automation, and analytics services to several Fortune 2000 enterprises. The company's clients include some of the world's leading financial services, communications, retail, fashion, media & entertainment, manufacturing, travel & leisure, and technology companies. The company's offerings are categorized into three major divisions - Customer Operations, Digital, and Financial Markets. The company provides critical business operations services to clients operating in industries including financial services, communications, retail, media & entertainment, manufacturing, and high-tech.

eClerx employs 11,000 people across its global sites with delivery centers in the US, India, and Thailand.

eClerx Services Limited Buyback Detail

Issue PeriodOct 18, 2021 - Nov 1, 2021
Security NameeClerx Services Limited
Issue TypeTender Offer
Issue Size (Shares)0.11 Crores
Issue Size (Amount)₹303.00 Crores
Buyback Price₹2850 per share
Face Value₹10 per share
Listing AtBSE, NSE

eClerx Services Limited Buyback Issue Timetable

Offer Opens OnOct 18, 2021
Offer Closes OnNov 1, 2021
Record DateSep 30, 2021
Last Date for receipt of Tender FormsNov 1, 2021
Finalisation of Buyback AcceptanceNov 8, 2021
Last Date for settlment of bidsNov 9, 2021
Last Date for Extinguishment of SharesNov 12, 2021

Buyback Ratio

Category Entitlement Ratio of Buyback
Reserved Category for Small Shareholders 13 Equity Shares out of every 74 fully paid-up Equity Shares held on the Record Date.
General Category for all other Eligible Shareholders 13 Equity Shares out of every 489 fully paid-up Equity Shares held on the Record Date.

Company Financials

Summary of financial Information standalone)
Particulars For the year/period ended (Rs. in Millions)
31-Mar-21 31-Mar-20 31-Mar-19
Total Income 12,367.85 11,741.68 11,956.43
Profit After Tax 2,389.04 1,235.71 2,096.13
Net Worth 12,536.81 11,113.07 13,052.03

Stock price at BSE (in preceding 3 months)

Month High Price Low Price Average Price
Aug-2021 2395.05 1977.35 2214.97
Jul-2021 2314 1950 2146.7
Jun-2021 1915.3 1231.5 1592.23

Stock price at NSE (in preceding 3 months)

Month High Price Low Price Average Price
Aug-2021 2392.8 1951.05 2212.54
Jul-2021 2279.8 1955 2147.26
Jun-2021 1938.55 1231.05 1594.74

Necessity of the Issue

The Buyback aims to:
i) help the Company to distribute surplus cash to its shareholders holding Equity Shares broadly in proportion to their shareholding, thereby, enhancing the overall return to shareholders.
iii) in improving financial ratios like earnings per share and return on equity, by reducing the equity base of the Company.

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Company Contact Information

eClerx Services Limited
Sonawala Building,
1st Floor, 29 Bank Street,
Fort, Mumbai – 400 023, Maharashtra, India

Phone: +91 22 6614 8301

eClerx Services Limited Buyback Registrar

  1. KFin Technologies Limited
       KFintech, Tower-B, Plot No 31 & 32,
       Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli,
       Hyderabad, Telangana India - 500 032.

    Phone: 04067162222, 04079611000

eClerx Services Limited Buyback Manager

Lead Manager(s)

  1. Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd

Registered Broker

  1. Emkay Global Financial Services Limited

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15. DSR  
Waah lokes..bang on..

30% got accepted in my case.hope remaining also give good return in near term
Dear lokes jee,
Thank you very much for your advice in eclerex.🙏
15.6. lokes  
now this eclerx share price touched 2900 in 2 months as i suggested above
29 shares have been accepted for the buyback out of 75 shares tendered. Reasonably good AR. THANK YOU.
The shares tendered is not the criteria, the shares held as on record date is only considered while accepting. This aspect may please be verified. Thank you.
14.5. lokes  
@suheelan: how many shares you were having on record date means 30th sept?
it must be more than 2 lakh rs shares that's why you came under general category instead of retail category, so very less shares accepted
Sold the 46 unaccepted shares @ Rs. 2385.95. Even if the price increases, no regrets. Happy with the earned profit.
After 2PM, the shares found hanging in between and on clicking Allocate column, they are credited to my d mat account of icici securities. Then sold.
13.4. lokes  
today un-accepted shares are visible in zerodha.
Price didn't moved down much means all people are not selling these.
So share can do good in short term. I will hold it upto 2500 around.
12. Unknwon  
Had bought 1 share each in 3 accounts. All the 3 shares accepted. 1500 profit from 3 accounts. Small but still good.
12.1. lokes  
Good strategy and good profit with small investment amount :)
11. lokes  
@KSRK: any idea when we will come to know about final acceptance ratio for eclerx buyback? last date for buyback was 1st nov.
I applied in eclerx buyback after a long time, since you used to keep applying, so may be you have a idea that around how many days after closing, we get to know final acceptance ratio ?
Normally within 10 days after the closing date of the buyback. In this case, I think it is on or before 9/11 as the last date for settlement is 9/11.
Thank you.
11.2. lokes  
okk during settlement only we will come to know....ya fine, thanks again. i hope it will be 25% at least.
10. lokes  
@Admin: can you please open new pages for nucleus software and goldiam international buybacks.
I have placed three orders for purchase at Rs.701/-, Rs. 691/- and Rs. 681/- as the market is crashing down by almost 950 points. I am still in the process of learning and not able to answer your question regarding ER/ AR. Sorry.
One can purchase shares of MPS at the CMP for tendering for buyback. You will definitely get a reasonably minimum profit. I hope that the ER will be around 7% and AR around 15%. Chances of much downfall in the price of unaccepted shares after the buyback are very less. Thank you.
I have shares in groww app can any one help how can i participate in this buyback
8. REK  
AniketIAF Ji,
Welcome to buyback discussion page.
8.1. lokes  
Seems aniket ji is not interested to post in buyback pages
7. Abhi IPO  
In zerodha buyback order is still in pending stage. Upstox already removed from holdings. Does zerodha place order on last day or am I doing something wrong?
7.1. lokes  
It will be settled in zerodha on or after 1st Nov....and in zerodha also, shares will be locked after you put for buyback, you can't sell them in open market
6. lokes  
its not able to sustain above 2300 and all others IT shares are moving so high....due to buyback, prices are controlled it seems..
i am feeling retail acceptance ratio will be around 30%....not more
Disastrous blood shed. CMP around Rs.1830/-. Unimaginable n incredible!
6.6. lokes  
Yes....too much fall in last 3-4 trading days, little bit recovered today from morning fall at day end
5. LearningIPO  
What is going on? Why such huge drop in price?
4. BSC  
what is ecpected acceptance ratio here? i sold 50% of my record date holdings already...if i tender balance 50% in buyback i hope they will be accepted...i am told Rsystems had amlost full acceptance
4.2. lokes  
@BSC: expected acceptance ratio will be around 30% or less....since share price came down a lot during buyback time....and if you are tendering 50% shares then accordingly (proportionately) some extra shares will be accepted other than your entitlement ratio shares
4.3. BSC  
Thank you all for helping and commenting on my query
3. Sunilbaba  
Please share if you know about the participation of promoters in share buyback.... Promoters are participating Or not...?
3.1. lokes  
promoters and members of the promoter group of the company will participate in the buyback
2. lokes  
hello.....testing message...
since my last message was not posted here
1. lokes  
if it moves around 2400 or more by next week 18th when buyback will start, then acceptance ratio can be around or more than 50% but if it will keep hovering around 2300 then acceptance ratio for retail wont be more than 30%