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Heavy Electrical Equipment IPOs in India

A list of Heavy Electrical Equipment IPOs in India since 2007. It provides detail about Initial Public Offers (IPO) from the Heavy Electrical Equipment sector/industry.

Heavy Electrical Equipment IPOs List

S. No. Company Name IPO Type Listing Date Issue Price IPO P/E Ratio Listing Day Close(BSE) Listing Day Close(NSE) Current Price Issue Size
1KP Green Engineering Limited IPOSMEMar 22, 2024₹144.0042.8₹210₹580.1₹189.50 Cr
2Exicom Tele-Systems Limited IPOMainlineMar 05, 2024₹142.00217.63₹225.65₹224.95₹430.3₹429.00 Cr
3Azad Engineering Limited IPOMainlineDec 28, 2023₹524.00292.74₹677.1₹677.5₹1909.5₹740.00 Cr
4Aartech Solonics Limited IPOSMEMar 27, 2019₹34.00₹34.6₹217.15₹7.21 Cr
5GG Engineering Ltd IPOSMEJul 17, 2017₹20.00₹20.7₹2.07₹2.23 Cr
6Inox Wind Limited IPOMainlineApr 09, 2015₹325.00₹438₹438.4₹143.05₹1020.52 Cr
7TD Power Systems Ltd IPOMainlineSep 08, 2011₹256.00₹274.8₹275.25₹365.7₹227.00 Cr
8Indosolar Ltd IPOMainlineSep 29, 2010₹29.00₹23.7₹23.7₹3.21₹357.00 Cr
9Tarapur Transformers Limited IPOMainlineMay 18, 2010₹75.00₹56.9₹57.4₹14.18₹63.75 Cr
10Transformers and Rectifiers India Ltd IPOMainlineDec 28, 2007₹465.00₹728₹729.25₹748₹139.27 Cr
11Voltamp Transformers Limited IPOMainlineSep 20, 2006₹345.00₹417.05₹416.45₹11001.65₹168.49 Cr