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Hospital IPOs in India

A list of Hospital IPOs in India since 2007. It provides detail about Initial Public Offers (IPO) from the Hospital sector/industry.

Hospital IPOs List

S. No. Company Name IPO Type Listing Date Issue Price IPO P/E Ratio Listing Day Close(BSE) Listing Day Close(NSE) Current Price Issue Size
1GPT Healthcare Limited IPOMainlineFeb 29, 2024₹186.0038.1₹200.75₹200.7₹148.6₹525.14 Cr
2KK Shah Hospitals Limited IPOSMENov 06, 2023₹45.00100₹58.9₹49₹8.78 Cr
3Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited IPOMainlineSep 18, 2023₹735.0052.68₹1075.25₹1075.75₹1235.05₹869.08 Cr
4Yatharth Hospital and Trauma Care Services Limited IPOMainlineAug 07, 2023₹300.0039.16₹300₹433.2₹686.55 Cr
5Asarfi Hospital Limited IPOSMEJul 26, 2023₹52.0012.78₹103.74₹60.05₹26.94 Cr
6Global Health Limited IPOMainlineNov 16, 2022₹336.0038.36₹415.65₹415.3₹1242.1₹2205.57 Cr
7Rainbow Children's Medicare Limited IPOMainlineMay 10, 2022₹542.0043.53₹450.1₹450.2₹1330₹1580.85 Cr
8Global Longlife Hospital and Research Limited IPOSMEMay 04, 2022₹140.0038.04₹135.35₹34.7₹49.00 Cr
9Aashka Hospitals Limited IPOSMESep 01, 2021₹121.00₹115.05₹81₹101.64 Cr
10Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Limited IPOMainlineJun 28, 2021₹825.00₹995.9₹996.95₹1963.55₹2143.74 Cr
11Aster DM Healthcare Ltd IPOMainlineFeb 26, 2018₹190.00₹179.85₹181.55₹361.65₹980.14 Cr
12Shalby Limited IPOMainlineDec 15, 2017₹248.00₹239.25₹239.6₹282₹504.80 Cr
13Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd IPOMainlineMar 30, 2016₹218.00₹170.95₹171₹379.75₹649.64 Cr
14Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd IPOMainlineJan 06, 2016₹250.00₹336.7₹336.95₹1250₹613.08 Cr
15Lotus Eye Care Hospital Limited IPOMainlineJul 11, 2008₹38.00₹35.5₹35.65₹62.16₹38.00 Cr
16Fortis Healthcare Ltd IPOMainlineMay 09, 2007₹108.00₹100₹100.15₹468.55₹496.76 Cr