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Logistics Solution Provider IPOs in India

A list of Logistics Solution Provider IPOs in India since 2007. It provides detail about Initial Public Offers (IPO) from the Logistics Solution Provider sector/industry.

Logistics Solution Provider IPOs List

S. No. Company Name IPO Type Listing Date Issue Price IPO P/E Ratio Listing Day Close(BSE) Listing Day Close(NSE) Current Price Issue Size
1GConnect Logitech and Supply Chain Limited IPOSMEApr 03, 2024₹40.001.5₹44.1₹45₹5.60 Cr
2Sahara Maritime Limited IPOSMEDec 26, 2023₹81.0015.03₹81.16₹48₹6.88 Cr
3TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited IPOMainlineAug 23, 2023₹197.00189.42₹200.95₹201₹174.15₹880.00 Cr
4Transvoy Logistics India Limited IPOSMEFeb 02, 2023₹71.0034.63₹74.55₹109.8₹5.11 Cr
5Cargotrans Maritime Limited IPOSMEOct 10, 2022₹45.007.77₹73.5₹62₹4.86 Cr
6Cargosol Logistics Limited IPOSMEOct 10, 2022₹28.005.15₹44.5₹36.76₹7.56 Cr
7Delhivery Limited IPOMainlineMay 24, 2022₹487.00-67.3₹537.25₹536.35₹400.85₹5235.00 Cr
8Dj Mediaprint & Logistics Limited FPOSMEJan 31, 2022₹125.0032.22₹241.7₹358.8₹15.00 Cr
9DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd IPOSMEApr 13, 2020₹20.008.5₹20.8₹358.8₹2.40 Cr
10Ritco Logistics Limited IPOSMEFeb 07, 2019₹73.00₹73.55₹268.35₹48.18 Cr
11AVG Logistics Limited IPOSMEApr 11, 2018₹107.00₹118.55₹510.25₹33.06 Cr
12Orissa Bengal Carrier Limited IPOSMEApr 05, 2018₹30.00₹33.45₹55.9₹16.69 Cr
13Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd IPOMainlineDec 18, 2017₹664.00₹685.8₹686.35₹3.86₹649.70 Cr
14Mahindra Logistics Limited IPOMainlineNov 10, 2017₹429.00₹429.15₹429.5₹470.25₹829.36 Cr
15Shreeji Translogistics Ltd IPOSMEOct 13, 2017₹130.00₹132₹26.41₹12.40 Cr
16Lancer Container Lines Ltd IPOSMEApr 13, 2016₹12.00₹12.6₹53.04₹1.85 Cr
17Navkar Corporation Limited IPOMainlineSep 09, 2015₹155.00₹166.4₹166.85₹101.93₹600.00 Cr
18VRL Logistics Ltd IPOMainlineApr 30, 2015₹205.00₹293.3₹294.1₹566.5₹473.88 Cr
19Snowman Logistics Ltd IPOMainlineSep 12, 2014₹47.00₹78.75₹79.8₹73.9₹197.40 Cr
20Tiger Logistics (India) Ltd IPOSMESep 12, 2013₹66.00₹69.1₹41.13₹7.52 Cr