Restaurants IPOs in India

A list of Restaurants IPOs in India since 2007. It provides detail about Initial Public Offers (IPO) from the Restaurants sector/industry.

Restaurants IPOs List

S. No. Company Name IPO Type Listing Date Issue Price IPO P/E Ratio Listing Day Close(BSE) Listing Day Close(NSE) Current Price Issue Size
1Sapphire Foods India Limited IPOMainlineNov 18, 2021₹1180.00₹1216.05₹1211.55₹1367.85₹2073.25 Cr
2Devyani International Limited IPOMainlineAug 16, 2021₹90.00₹123.35₹123.5₹180.4₹1838.00 Cr
3Barbeque Nation Hospitality Limited IPOMainlineApr 07, 2021₹500.00₹590.4₹587.8₹646.95₹452.87 Cr
4Burger King India Limited IPOMainlineDec 14, 2020₹60.00₹138.4₹135₹107.6₹810.00 Cr
5Vidli Restaurants Ltd IPOSMEFeb 15, 2016₹10.00₹12₹49.94₹1.31 Cr
6Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd IPOMainlineNov 02, 2015₹328.00₹270.15₹271₹36.54₹1150.00 Cr
7Cawasji Behramji Catering Services Ltd IPOSMEOct 19, 2015₹14.00₹16.01₹3.96₹1.86 Cr
8Pecos Hotels and Pubs Ltd IPOSMEAug 11, 2015₹50.00₹53.25₹76.76₹2.30 Cr
9Speciality Restaurants Ltd IPOMainlineMay 30, 2012₹150.00₹160.65₹159.6₹232.2₹176.09 Cr
10Jubilant Foodworks Ltd IPOMainlineFeb 08, 2010₹145.00₹229₹229.1₹479.85₹328.72 Cr