IIFL Securities Reviewer Vs IPO Listing Gain

Check out IIFL Securities recommendations, such as subscribe, may apply, neutral, avoid and not rated for the various IPOs.

The recommendations will give you an idea of whether you should invest in that IPO or avoid it, and whether you should invest for the long term.

With the help of this report, you can analyse the difference between the issue price and the listing day price and see the gain and loss of a particular IPO.

In this report, you can also find the current market price and the 52 week high and 52 week low prices to analyse how a particular stock is performing.

IIFL Securities Reviewer Vs IPO Listing Gain

Issuer Company Issue Type Recommendation Listing Date Issue Size Subscribed Issue Price Listing Day Price Current Price 52 Week High 52 Week Low
Nexus Select TrustNexus Select Trust IPO detailMainlineNot RatedMay 19, 2023Rs 3200.00 Cr5.45xRs 100.00Rs 104.26 (4.26%)Rs 105.23 (5.23%)Rs 104.90 (May 19, 2023)Rs 102.27 (May 19, 2023)
Bikaji Foods International LimitedBikaji Foods International Limited IPO detailBikaji Foods International Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineNot RatedNov 16, 2022Rs 881.22 Cr26.67xRs 300.00Rs 317.45 (5.82%)Rs 381.40 (27.13%)Rs 447.40 (Jan 25, 2023)Rs 303.00 (Nov 18, 2022)
Aether Industries LimitedAether Industries Limited IPO detailAether Industries Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineApplyJun 03, 2022Rs 808.04 Cr6.26xRs 642.00Rs 776.75 (20.99%)Rs 920.95 (43.45%)Rs 1,048.90 (Sep 16, 2022)Rs 701.00 (Jun 03, 2022)
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) IPO detailLife Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineApplyMay 17, 2022Rs 21008.48 Cr2.95xRs 949.00Rs 875.45 (-7.75%)Rs 596.60 (-37.13%)Rs 918.95 (May 17, 2022)Rs 530.05 (Mar 29, 2023)
FSN E-Commerce Ventures LimitedFSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited IPO detailFSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineNeutralNov 10, 2021Rs 5351.92 Cr81.78xRs 1,125.00Rs 2,206.70 (96.15%)Rs 137.80 (-87.75%)Rs 257.17 (Jun 01, 2022)Rs 114.25 (Apr 26, 2023)
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre LimitedVijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited IPO detailVijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineApplySep 14, 2021Rs 1895.04 Cr4.54xRs 531.00Rs 619.30 (16.63%)Rs 385.30 (-27.44%)Rs 528.00 (Dec 22, 2022)Rs 295.00 (Jun 14, 2022)
Clean Science and Technology LtdClean Science and Technology Ltd IPO detailClean Science and Technology Ltd Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineApplyJul 19, 2021Rs 1546.62 Cr93.41xRs 900.00Rs 1,585.20 (76.13%)Rs 1,418.65 (57.63%)Rs 1,980.00 (Sep 15, 2022)Rs 1,227.10 (Mar 31, 2023)
Home First Finance Company India Ltd.Home First Finance Company India Ltd. IPO detailHome First Finance Company India Ltd. Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineApplyFeb 03, 2021Rs 1153.72 Cr26.66xRs 518.00Rs 527.40 (1.81%)Rs 768.25 (48.31%)Rs 1,004.55 (Aug 16, 2022)Rs 652.00 (Nov 14, 2022)
Mindspace Business ParksMindspace Business Parks IPO detailMindspace Business Parks Share Price, Chart and TipsMainlineNot RatedAug 07, 2020Rs 4500.00 Cr12.96xRs 275.00Rs 303.87 (10.5%)Rs 301.02 (9.46%)Rs 388.00 (Sep 14, 2022)Rs 290.36 (Feb 28, 2023)