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Nnm Securities Private Limited Performance as SME IPO Market Maker

The list of IPOs managed by Nnm Securities Private Limited as market maker and their performance.

Market Maker Nnm Securities Private Limited's IPO Performance

Issuer Company Issue Type Listing Date Issue Size Subscribed Issue Price Listing Day Price Current Price 52 Week High 52 Week Low
Aluwind Architectural IPOAluwind Architectural Limited	 IPO detailAluwind Architectural Limited	 Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEApr 09, 2024Rs 29.70 Cr8.19xRs 45.00Rs 47.25 (5%)Rs 59.10 (31.33%)
Baweja Studios IPOBaweja Studios Limited IPO detailBaweja Studios Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEFeb 06, 2024Rs 97.20 Cr2.62xRs 180.00Rs 173.85 (-3.42%)Rs 90.60 (-49.67%)
Brisk Technovision IPOBrisk Technovision Limited IPO detailBrisk Technovision Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEJan 31, 2024Rs 12.48 Cr47.1xRs 156.00Rs 183.75 (17.79%)Rs 138.00 (-11.54%)Rs 191.80 (Feb 01, 2024)Rs 118.80 (May 30, 2024)
Marinetrans India IPOMarinetrans India Limited IPO detailMarinetrans India Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEDec 08, 2023Rs 10.92 Cr33xRs 26.00Rs 31.00 (19.23%)Rs 29.60 (13.85%)
Sahaj Fashions IPOSahaj Fashions Limited IPO detailSahaj Fashions Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMESep 06, 2023Rs 13.96 Cr7.75xRs 30.00Rs 30.35 (1.17%)Rs 20.60 (-31.33%)
Synoptics Technologies IPOSynoptics Technologies Limited IPO detailSynoptics Technologies Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEJul 13, 2023Rs 54.03 Cr2.66xRs 237.00Rs 226.10 (-4.6%)Rs 104.00 (-56.12%)
Cell Point (India) IPOCell Point (India) Limited IPO detailCell Point (India) Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEJun 28, 2023Rs 50.34 Cr6.03xRs 100.00Rs 95.00 (-5%)Rs 35.05 (-64.95%)
Kore Digital IPOKore Digital Limited IPO detailKore Digital Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEJun 14, 2023Rs 18.00 Cr41.56xRs 180.00Rs 190.95 (6.08%)Rs 1,289.50 (616.39%)Rs 230.40 (Jun 03, 2024)Rs 0.25 (Feb 14, 1997)
Nirman Agri Genetics IPONirman Agri Genetics Limited IPO detailNirman Agri Genetics Limited Share Price, Chart and TipsSMEMar 28, 2023Rs 20.30 Cr1.71xRs 99.00Rs 101.30 (2.32%)Rs 214.40 (116.57%)


  • The above list does not include IPOs that are not yet listed.