Swastika Investmart Ltd IPO Lead Manager Review

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Incorporated in 1992, Swastika Investmart Limited is a broking house in India with presence across all over India. It provides total financial house related services across different segments such as commodities, equity, merchant banking, mutual funds, depository services, and currency.

Swastika Investmart Limited also works as a lead manager to help the companies in raising fund through IPO.

SEBI Regn. No.: INM000012102

Swastika Investmart Ltd
305, Madhuban Building, Cochin Street,
S.B.S Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400001

Phone: +91-22-22655565
Fax: +91- 73- 6644300

IPO's by Swastika Investmart Ltd as Lead Manager

# Issuer Company Exchange Issue Open
1Sonu Infratech Limited IPONSE SMEApr 29, 2022
2Evoq Remedies Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 17, 2022
3Richa Info Systems IPONSE SMEFeb 09, 2022
4Aartech Solonics Limited IPOBSE SMEMar 12, 2019
5Synergy Green Industries Limited IPOBSE SMESep 04, 2018
6Bright Solar Limited IPONSE SMEJun 26, 2018
7Megastar Foods Limited IPOBSE SMEMay 14, 2018
8Indo US Bio-Tech Limited IPOBSE SMEApr 30, 2018
9Ridings Consulting Engineers India Ltd IPOBSE SMEMar 14, 2018
10Inflame Appliances Ltd IPOBSE SMEMar 06, 2018
11Solex Energy Limited IPONSE SMEJan 22, 2018
12Innovana Thinklabs Limited IPONSE SMENov 29, 2017
13Zodiac Energy Limited IPONSE SMENov 23, 2017
14Sharika Enterprises Limited IPOBSE SMENov 15, 2017
15Milton Industries Limited IPONSE SMESep 29, 2017
16Reliable Data Services Limited IPONSE SMESep 27, 2017
17Transwind Infrastructures Ltd IPONSE SMEJun 30, 2017
18Sikko Industries Ltd IPONSE SMEApr 05, 2017
19Airan Ltd IPONSE SMEMar 14, 2017
20Sanginita Chemicals Limited IPONSE SMEMar 01, 2017
21Prolife Industries Limited IPONSE SMEDec 27, 2016

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