Chittorgarh Online Photo Gallery

Chittorgarh is a famous tourist attraction with many beautiful places to look around. Chittorgarh Online Photo Gallery has an excellent collection of digital photo from Chittorgarh Fort. Click on the below categories to visit the photo album.

CameraFort of Chittorgarh (40 Photos)

Chittorgarh fort is a massive hilltop fort. Fort stands on a 240-hectares site on an 180m high hill from the plains below.

CameraVijay Stambha (Tower of Victory) (14 Photos)

(Vijay Stambh) - A 9 storyed tower is adorned by sculptures of Hindu deities around.

CameraKirti Stambha (Tower of Fame) (14 Photos)

(Kirti Stambh) is dedicated to Adinathji the 1st Jain Teerthankar. The 22 metres high tower was build by a wealthy jain merchant in the 12th century A.D.

CameraGaumukh Reservoir (12 Photos)

A deep tank filled by a spring coming from a cow mouth, situated at the edge of the cliff on Chittorgarh fort.

CameraRana Kumbha Palace (2 Photos)

The ruined palace of great historical and architectural interest, being the most massive monument in the fort.

CameraPadmini Palace (7 Photos)

The palace of Rani Padmini. A distinctly feminine structure that overlooks a pleasant pool.

CameraMeera Temple and Mira Bai (13 Photos)

Build by Maharana Kumbha in 1449, this lord Vishnu Temple has beautiful idols in its sanctum, mendap and pillars. In the same premises, there is a small temple of Lord Krishhna.

CameraKalika Mata Temple (5 Photos)

This mother goddess temple was build originally in the 8th century as the sun temple and converted to its present form in the 14th century.

CameraFateh Prakash Palace (11 Photos)

Build by Maharana Fateh Singh this huge palace is of morden style. This palace, now a museum, has a rich collection of sculptures from temples and buildings.

Camera7 Gates of Chittorgarh Fort (10 Photos)

To enter in to the Fort Of Chittorgarh, the person has to go through seven huge gates (Pols).

CameraSaatbees Deori (Jain Temple) (34 Photos)

At present six jain temples on the fort of Chittor. The largest and chief among them is the temple of Bhagawan Adinatha with fifty-two devkulikas.

CameraJaimal Patta Palace (3 Photos)

Rathod Jaimal and Sisodia Patta who bravely sacrificed their lives during fighting against Akbars army.

CameraTemple at Chittorgarh Fort (17 Photos)

Lot of other temples are located on chittorgarh fort.

CameraRatan Singh Palace (10 Photos)

The Ratan Singh Palace is attributed to Rana Ratan Singh II (AD 1528 - 31). Located along the Ratneshwar Talab; it is rectangular on plan and enclosed by a high wall. The main entrance is facing east through a lofty arch crowned with two pillared chhatris. The palace comprises of courtyards surrounded by rooms, towers, deorhis, etc. Darikhana or Audience has with fine balcony overlooking the reservoir is on eastern part of second story. A temple known as Ratneshwar Mahadeva Temple is on the north of the main gateway, which comprises of a garbhagriha, an antarala and a mandapa. The exterior of the temple is beautifully carved.


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