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1. KAMMA SIVA RAMA KRISHNA   I Like It. 2|Report Abuse|  Link|December 3, 2021 6:13:44 PMReply
Size of the buyback. 14,12,515
Buyback price. Rs. 60
CMP. Rs. 54
Mode of Buyback. Through Tender Offer
Record Date. 10/12/2021
Personal View. If available @ Rs. 50 or Rs. 51 one may try with a thousand shares.
Thank you.
1.3. lokes   I Like It. |Report Abuse|  Link|December 10, 2021 7:08:25 PM
sorry, you mentioned about cheviot buyback in moil page, not for this one, i misunderstood.
1.4. KAMMA SIVA RAMA KRISHNA   I Like It. 1|Report Abuse|  Link|December 10, 2021 8:15:50 PM
Lokes ji,
I missed the bus due to underestimating the value of the company. No problem. Sometimes it happens.